Thursday, September 07, 2006

Covenanting Every Thursday

We meet in the atrium of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library, 7-9pm, and discuss the renewal of nationhood and the defense of human rights against all evils, including those quietly ignored by the reigning ideology of White Guilt. This victimary ideology of our elites finds ways to excuse the resentful violence of those it considers outsiders and victims of western culture. We do not. We defend those western values that are essential to the progress of freedom around the world, and of self-rule at home. To rule ourseves we need to learn again how to combine individual integrity, the right to own our own lives, with a sense of belonging to a coherent, bounded, constitutional, moral, and rational political community from which a national identity, simultaneously particular and universal, can flourish. We wish to foster social and cultural networks to promote our belief that the renewed national identities will be best represented in the hands and minds of ordinary capable individuals, not cultural or institutional elites. In solidarity with the patriots in France reclaiming their nation from the gnostic empire of the left and its imperial anti-nationalism, we wear blue scarves and bandanas - if you can, please join us at the tables in front of Blenz Coffee, this or any Thursday.

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