Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What is primitive man?

He who thinks he can kill Jesus, in 2009, or the lowest peasant in the land?
DHAKA, Bangladesh, August 4 (Compass Direct News) – At the urging of local Muslim leaders, police in western Bangladesh have tortured a pastor and two other Christians for legally proclaiming Christ.
“Police told us, ‘We will teach you in the camp how to forget your Christ,’ while dragging us to the vehicle,” said Rahman.

Police blindfolded them after reaching the camp and took them to three separate rooms.

“I heard blood-curdling scream from other rooms,” Rahman said. “I was sitting on the floor blindfolded. I could not understand what was happening around me. Later several police came to me and one of them kicked me on the back of my head, and my head ricocheted off the wall. They also kicked my waist.”

Ordering him to say how many people he had converted to Christianity in the Muslim-majority nation, the commander said he would kick him a like number of times. The official told him to call out to Jesus, saying he wanted to see how Jesus would save him, Rahman said.
Police officers told Rahman to admit that whatever he had done in his life was wrong, he said. When they sent them to Boalia police station early the next morning, dozens of Christians arrived to try to obtain their release.

Police, however, were reluctant to release the detained Christians.

“Some Christian villagers then said, ‘We are also criminal because we believe in Christ like Habibur Rahman and the other two Christians,’” Rahman said. “They told police, ‘If you do not release them, then arrest us and put us in jail.’”

Police did not release the three Christians until 9:30 that night.

The next day, June 10, thousands of Muslim villagers demonstrated in front of a local government office called the Zamzami Union Council chanting, “We want a Christian-free society,” and “We will not allow any Christians in Cuadanga.”
There are 176 Christians in the area where Rahman works as an evangelist and pastor, he said.

“The local government council chairman told me two times not to come in this area,” Rahman said. “He said, ‘There is no Christian in this area, so why do you come here to make Christians?’”

Local Muslim villagers have since refused to give work to area Christians, most of whom are day laborers dependent on obtaining daily jobs to survive.
Which covenant, whose freedom, will you defend?


Rob Misek said...

The covenant of truth of course.

In isolation, the 41 various religions have been acceptable sources for the values of their cultures.

Throughout history as these isolated cultures have met, the conflicts between their values and the human weakness of being unable to accept the truth when it isn't what we expect, have resulted in violence and wars.

Each religion believes theirs to be the truth. At the root of the problem, they define the truth with their belief. When the truth is defined by all unproven beliefs it becomes logically meaningless.

As far as religions define cultures, in our global village, the proven and demonstrateable truth is the only religion all people can share.

This I believe is the Christian spirit of truth.

Share the covenant of truth with me.

Anonymous said...

has this blog died

truepeers said...

No, I don't think so; we are taking a holiday. I've just come back from some bush adventures; the others have their agendas...