Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Pretentious CNN Anchor Doesn't Know As Much As A Late-Night Comedian

Who is Wolf Blitzer?

"Wolf, things have not worked out as well as you would have hoped for, I'm sure...", consoles off-screen Jeopardy game show host Alex Trebec.

A recent Celebrity episode of the long-running tv quiz program revealed that the modern-day Ed McMahon, Tonight Show sidekick Andy Richter, seems to be a bit more aware of his facts and figures than long-time CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer.

Among the challenging questions that plunged his final score into its eventual negative numbers...:

Wolf thought this was fettucine:

Wolf believed that the answer to this question was "Jerusalem"...

The highlight video assembled at is hilarious, and if you have time you can enjoy the full episode at YouTube, part one here and part two here.

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Dag said...

In defence of Blitzer and those others in the "mainstream media," we should point out that the questions are of general knowledge; and as we all know, Special Folk, e.g. Blitzer, are beyond ordinary folk like us who have some base in reality rather than in the stars, those assembled in the constellations of Hollywood and Manhattan, not in the wildness of Wasilla, Alaska, wherever that is. So it's not that Bliter is uninformed, it's that no one aked him the right questions, such as "Which is the most evil empire in history? and which Zionist entity is it's satellite?" Stupid people like me always get those questions wrong. Not the MSM, though. They do know stuff. Special stuff. It's beyond me.