Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time for a moderate immigration policy?

Jihadi bloodshed has become so commonplace, it seems to me one is hearing relatively little in the media about the latest murderous atrocity:
74 Killed In Uganda By Al-Shabab

Canadians, however, should take serious note and start making demands for more pro-active policies from our politicians:
From teens to terrorists: How Al-Shabab recruits Western 'martyrs' (HT: Odehad)
Somalia's struggles play out in Canada

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able seaman said...

Try this for size:
76 illegal immigrants in 2009,
490 in 2010,
1130 in 2011,
2570 in 2012.

Pure guesswork, but possible.
What are the odds that not one of the 490 is a Tiger? Pretty slim.

Only Tigers would fear for their lives, or those who have aided and abetted them.

Why can they not be turned back?
They are totally flouting our laws AIDED AND ABETTED by certain lawyers who will get rich either from the Tamil community, or the public purse.
Also, remember that, in jumping the queue they push back thousands of legal immigrants: Who filled in the numerous forms. Had their financial abilities and job suitability checked. Proved that their medical and police records were satisfactory. Paid all the fees and disbursements. And finally waited in line. And waited in line...

Shame on them, the snakeheads, the ship's officers (who should be jailed, then deported), the ship's owners (who should lose the ship, and be fined heavily), the lawyers, the Useful Idiot professional whiners, and the TV enablers of the talking head idiots -- like Harsha Walia, professional protester and shit stirrer. Did CTV find her, or did her braindead (brainwashed?) NOII send CTV ten "Press Releases"?

Every piece of shit 'organization' with a membership of one, can send out press releases, like spam.

Back to topic: Why didn't those 'refugees' take a ferry to their home state of Tamil Nadu on the Indian mainland? Instead of a three month cruise past numerous other possible host countries.

Does India refuse to take them?
Anyone know?

And what about Sri Lanken complicity?
How does one get a ($1,000,000) vessel and crew, and gather together 490 'refugees' without the Sri Lanken govt. knowing?

truepeers said...

Well, Mr. Seaman, if it were up to me there would be very tough penalties for people smuggling. For example, those guilty, without a doubt, of smuggling girls for sex slavery should be hung from the doorway of the nearest "massage parlor".