Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day, 2010

We haven't been writing much of late, and I'm off to the Cenotaph in few minutes. So I thought I'd just remember that there are countless signs, all about us, from your favorite free-wheeling blogs to innocent children, to all the fruits of a free-trading entrepreneurs, that are the legacy of those who fought in the wars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries against the evils of totalitarianism. Here are a couple of photos I took last spring in Fort Langley, BC.


zazie said...

A very sad Remembrance Day in London, with the Muslim demo ; a very decent one in France ; we all noticed that Sarkozy postponed his departure for Seoul, in order to pay his respects at the Arc de Triomphe ; of course, we are not taken in ; we do know that he is trying to recapture an electorate, but his change of attitude shows that there is the beginning of a reaction among the French, a reaction that is taken as a warning by the "elites".

truepeers said...

Salut Zazie! Glad to hear it was a good day and thanks for dropping by.