Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coastal Calm

I think I may found a new "favorite place" to hang out: Whytecliff Park, over by Horseshoe Bay. I had forgotten how gorgeous the coastal scenery was out there, and how calming the view can be on a nice day. Here's where I sat for a few chapters of the book I had brought along with me as a companion for that weekend afternoon.
It's such a blessing to have such beauty in one's "backyard" so to speak. To get out of the city, to get over to the North Shore, and to find these innumerable nooks and crannies that let you unwind and relax, inspired by the panorama nature serves you on a silver platter. The above view was one I stumbled upon walking back to the bus stop, wondering "what's down that path over there..?"

Here's a boulder that reminded me I'm not a teenager anymore. Seeing people clambering all over it like goats, my macho inner voice said "get over there and do the same". Yeesh, what a mistake that was. I fell all over the place, stumbling over rocks and slippery mud, hobbled the whole time by my fear of heights. Some goat! I didn't give up, though: I made it up and back, though upon return I made a few silent vows to get back into better shape.

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