Friday, April 13, 2007

Vancouver Green Party candidate gleeful and conspiratorial over 9/11

Last night, I mentioned to my Covenant Zone colleagues that I had heard a radio interview with a Green Party candidate who made vague insinuations that 9/11 was not committed by Al Qaeda and who denied that Osama Bin Laden has ever taken credit for 9/11; he also claimed, in the few minutes I had to listen to the nonsense, that the name, "Al Qaeda" was a creation of the American government. When the interviewer quoted Bin Laden explaining how his group had come up with the name, the Green Party guy said, I am basing my comment on scholarly research: who are you going to believe, the Western scholarly tradition, or a foreigner? Well, given that our universities now employ people engaged in 9/11 conspiracy theorizing, who knows....

Anyway, here's more on this guy.

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