Monday, May 28, 2007

Communists hunt Laotian natives like animals

I see many young people these days wearing CCCP and hammer and sickle insignias on t-shirts and baseball caps, and I can't help but ask: what in the world is wrong with you?? Don't you **know** the depths of the evil that you are celebrating with your choice of apparel?

We don't have to open dusty history books to chronicle the horrors perenially part of any communist occupation of a nation, we can point to their actions TODAY and wonder why this is allowed to happen.
Here's a nightmare that, hopefully, can shame the kool kommie kids back to a more balanced point of view, getting them to put aside their red flags and (blood) red dreams and pursue a more humane approach to human rights.
From the Huntington News comes this story of a film documenting oppression of Indiginous Hmong Laotians by the communist government of Laos being successfully screened-- despite a cancellation demanded by Vietnam:

The 6th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues [PFII] is held in the United Nations Headquarters and announced a record of participation by governments, UN agencies, Indigenous representatives and NGOs, over 2500 participants are attending.
"How can an UN agency, the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, obey one member state -- to hinder our voices to be heard, I can not understand this," said Kue Xiong, preseident of the Lao Human Rights Council, one of the sponsors of the other special event which got cancelled upon request by the Vietnamese Mission to the UN.
"We come here because we thought that one of the mandates of the PFII is to raise awareness and to disseminate information on Indigenous peoples, but I see only a silent wall, and no letter to us with a formal explanation why it was cancelled," he said...
One of the films, "Hunted Like Animals," covers rights abuses documented by Huntington News Network with reporting by Rebecca Sommer and others. The film, produced with the support of the US-based Hmong-Lao community, documents the systematic military aggression against the Hmong ethnic minority hiding in the jungles of Laos, and the reasons why thousands of Hmong from the jungle fled to Thailand. ... “Even though the UN has no access to the over 7700 current Hmong refugees in the camp, and no access to the conflict areas inside Laos — this film brings the words and testimonies of the Hmong Lao out to everyone,” Sommer told HNN.
Additional High-8 footage, shot and narrated by Hmong hiding in the jungles of Laos, is interwoven into the film like a tapestry, and gives graphic evidence of the ongoing and increasing aggression of the Lao PDR military, including artillery and chemical warfare.
The film can be seen dis-assembled at Youtube; below are links to some of the horrific clips.
It should be seen by as many people as possible, especially by young people who think there's something "cool" or "romantic" about their flirtation with communist idealism. Take a look at what it is like to live in the real thing, kids:
[Warning: extremely gory and disturbing content]
"Everyone has heard about the drama of the Vietnamese boat people, but Laos, which became Communist in the aftermath of the events of 1975 in Vietnam, has seen a proportionally larger section of the population take flight. ...
Around 300,000 people (10 percent of the population) have fled the country, including well over 30 percent of the Hmong minority in the mountains (around 100,000 people) and about 90 percent of all intellectuals, technicians and officials. In Communist Asia, only North Korea in 1950-1953 saw a larger share of its population flee the country."
[The Big Black Book of Communism, "Laos: A Population in Flight", pg 575]


Sean Orr said...

While I in no way endorse the actions of the USSR, I must point out that the same could be said by wearing an American flag emblazoned t-shirt.

Charles Henry said...

I wondered how long it would take for someone to contend that the United States are somehow just as bad as these psychopathic child raping murderers.

Sean, you and I are standing in different worlds if what you said is indeed your sincere opinion.

American soldiers do not hunt down 12-year old children and slice open their stomachs so that the child has to hold his intestines in his hands if he hopes to live another day, or another hour. The US isn't perfect, since no human being can be perfect, but there are worlds of difference between the history of the US and the history of any communist nation. Surely you will admit that.

I will say this, because I'm too angered by these videos to trust myself to argue politely: let's agree to disagree about your estimation of the members of the United States armed forces, and instead let's look for a way to help these poor Laotian people who are being massacred by the communist government of Laos.
I will take it for granted that you're as angered by these videos as I am, so let's channel that energy towards positives ends, because I doubt that either of us will succeed in changing the opinion of the other on a comparison between the US and the People's Democratic Republic of Laos, and we'd just waste time pursuing that comparison, instead of doing some Good.

Anonymous said...

The Gulag Archipelago? Charles, haven't you ever been on an American Indian Reservation, or a university campus where George Bush is monitoring emails?

The mass starvation of millions? Pretty comparable to the obesity epidemic promoted by the fast food giants, don't you think.

Geez, the comparisons are so obvious I think I'll take my next vacation in North Korea! (I'm getting tired of Fidel's prostitution ring; Havana is so yesterday!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Sean, the 100 Million, "of their own people", approx., killed by the Communists, well that's just comparable to the US abortion industry. So I guess you're right, right?

Moral equivalency games are so much fun; it means you don't have to think anymore. Drawing distinctions is for right wing religions bigots. It's all bad!! It's all good!! We're all psycho!! It's just one big cycle of violence!! The only way we animals can live in peace with mother earth is if we cull our numbers down to about a billion. That's sustainable. Let's go Sean!

Ypp said...

Yoy know, it's kinda cool feeling yourself a little bit evil. Girls like it. And does not cost a lot.

Citation (translated from Russian)

Let everyone say -
The doggie is brave
He's barking at the elefant!

dag said...

YPP, good to see you.

Sean, I hope never to have to read such idiocies again.

Anon, that was hilarious. Please return-- with the pizza next time.

Charles, I'll see you in person Thursday evening at the vancouver Public Library from 7-9:00 p.m. in the atrium near Blenz coffee bar, where I hope many others will join us for a few hours of discussion and exchange of ideas.

(Sean, really, don't bother coming. I read that Cindy Sheehan is looking for a date, and you could likely get lucky.)