Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hulot's Holiday Weekend

I loved that part too! And do you recall the scene where....

Ah well, I was young back then. My girlfriend looked like Anna Karina. '68ers were 20 rather than 68. Life was fun and so were we. I want to step back a bit and look at France in light to this election coming. Join me very briefly, s.v.p.

When I was 20, life was perfect.

We all had jobs, and we enjoyed them. Every day was a veritable fete!

Paris was beautiful. So was I.

And then, as I was ambling along, somehow it sprang a leak.

Things jumped to the future. With no warning!

My holiday was over, and it was the weekend.

"Oh, France." my girlfriend cried out in horror!

All I had was a gun and a girl. Even with friends like them I didn't want to face it any longer. "Let's get out of here before that woman gets elected," I screamed. Let's go home to America where that other woman is running for office, where we can live normally. My girlfriend and I felt deep relief at the thought.

I'm older but wiser now. My weekend holiday in France taught me much. Oh, thank God for Hilary.


zazie said...

enwhjcDo you know what always surprises me when I read something on the web ? Well, from the tone of your posts, I had "classified" you as a young man ; yet, you mention Tati's films as if you had discovered them when you were twenty or thereabout...So you must age ! My conclusion ? Both you and I have kepte a young mind, able to feel and scream indignation !
I just love the way you have changed the last picture in your post ! Of course,"that woman" running for office inthe USA might be as lethal as Royal for France.

dag said...

Hi Zazie.

You always write the perfect thing to make my day!

Yes, I'm moving on in life, recalling the years gone by with a grey-furrowed brow, or nearly so.

Tati lived to be close to a hundred years old, and I'm just past half that. I hope to live for a long while, to see and to enjoy all that a good life can offer; and I'm sure to get it all just because I want to and because I love it. Yes, I often feel like a young man, right up till the time I hurt myself bending over to tie my shoes. Ha! Life is good. Too good to have it all ruined by "yoots", as my ex-girlfriend would call them, by loser kiddies and spoiled, nasty children who hate for a hobby.

I want to have a fine dinner, something French and fattening. Some wine with it. And then, well, my girlfriend and I can indulge in things for adults. It's a good life for those of us who care for such things.

I'm pleased with the French election. Sarko is the best we can ask for till next time. I'm happy enough. Hope all is well with all in France, though there is bound to be some burning and looting from the fools who must have their tantrum. We'll support you from here in any ways we can, and wish you all the best.

Bon chance,