Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Democrats: Now Your Choice Is Clear

We haven't been blogging much on the US Presidential elections here at Covenant Zone -- it's a bit out of our bailiwick.

But I can't pass up the chance to comment on this week's Big News from the Democratic campaign:

Democratic candidate Barack Obama has been endorsed by British parliamentarian George Galloway:

How Obama Has Given America A Reason To Believe
" guess is America is looking for real change, and only Barack Obama represents that."
This is a major set-back for the other front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the Galloway endorsement for Obama casts serious doubts on Clinton's anti-american credentials, to the point where she may have to write off the anti-american wing of the democratic party, and search for primary votes elsewhere.
Maybe Madame Clinton, in her desperation, would consider a change (if you'll pardon the expression) and tack a little more... to the right.

To help her get her bearings, I've assembled a little promotional video on her behalf, which I hope will, in its own modest way, manage to rescue America from a Presidency beloved by the likes of George Galloway.

I call it: "Stay to the right":


truepeers said...

Excellent video! And no doubt a message, especially re the devil, that is actually often on Hillary's mind!

I checked out the Galloway article to see if he could remember Obama's middle name. Nope. But boy, it's good to see that maniac is a poor writer.

najistani said...

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Dag said...

I can't contribute directly to this discussion due to my computer freezing up when it tries to load a video; I'll write then that I would dearly love to have a full-blown dvd to share with friends of the Collected Works of Charles Henry for a retrospective at my local videoteque, i.e. a friend's place or somewhere we can sit and watch the whole thing and chat about it, copyrights be damned.