Saturday, January 12, 2008

Proud to be a Canadian!

This is some of the most powerful video you are going to see in a long time.

Ezra Levant calls a government thug, a thug with the power to make him pay, a thug, to her face! He eloquently speaks for himself and rightly notes that we Canadians have allowed the banality of evil, as famously analyzed by Hannah Arendt, to creep into our society.

Ezra says he will be posting many excerpts from his government interrogation over the weekend. Here are his first four videos, now up at Youtube. Follow the links in the titles to go to Ezra's blog and read his introduction to the videos.

Opening statement

What was your intent?

Violence in Alberta

I don't answer to the state


maccusgermanis said...

Is that Dag seated to Levant's right? He's certainly not taking counsel from the timid.

It hard not to be cheered by the spirited rebuke that Ezra Levant gives, but the fact that he and others are being prosecuted in maddening.

In discussing this case someone suggested that infidels could file suit against muslims for incitements found in the koran. This terrible idea would give legitimacy to the kangaroo court. Might this in part explain the left green alliance?

If this idiocracy of left dhimmi facists and muslims is unstoppable, then this is the manner in which we should brew our hemlock.

truepeers said...


I agree, it is very maddening, and using these "courts" to prosecute our enemies would be a bad idea, though we have had this argument at Covenant Zone meetings since some think the best way to discredit these left dhimmi fascists would be to bring their own kind before the tribunal and make them show that there is no disinterested legal mind in these Star Chambers. But that seems to me far too clever. Since real thinking has been in retreat, we have to first reteach why the law must be disinterested

That couldn't have been Dag. I couldn't get a good look but he was much too quiet. Not even a cheer or a cough! Still, Dag seems to have been busy elsewhere lately...

The hemlock of the free would entail mass death for the slaves. We must make the Gnostic fascists face reality, somehow.