Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chesler chronicles the deepening madness of academe

I’m not one often to toy with Godwin’s law, but in commenting on such an absurd study, should we pretend these people are capable of reasonable diaogue?

… Harvard study, published in the latest edition of the medical journal, Lancet, shows murder of Goebbels family the fault of Red Army. “If one is not allowed to live with respect as a proper, world-dominating Nazi, then life can have no meaning for my children, let Odin sort them out… the existence of non-Nazi states is to blame for all our problems”, Goebbels told the Harvard scientists. “We’ve been fighting the Communists since the end of World War I, and now it’s come to this – how dare they have defended themselves so successfully against the bloody sacrifice of a generation of Aryan manhood?!”

The Red Army took away his masculinity, the feminist scholars pointed out. Holy Mother in Heaven forbid that such an emasculated, effeminate creature should be held responsible for his actions.

Chesler Chronicles » Lancet Study Blames Palestinian Wife-Beating on Israel

Meanwhile, Code Pink to the rescue.

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