Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christy Clark invites a guest to tell the story of "Arab Jews" that the Western media almost never hears

Good on Christy Clark, host of British Columbia's most-listened to radio program, to have a guest whose story, simply told, refutes so much of the ideologically-laden rhetoric we are told about Israel being a project of European colonialism. Regina Waldman (this is her married surname) speaks about her family's experience as "Arab Jews", of how they barely escaped Libya with their lives in the wake of the Arab world's pogroms against the Jews who had lived among them for thousands of years, the  Jewish refugees from Arab lands who would go on to constitute about half of Israel's Jewish population. Listen to the interview, here:
CIC Scene » Christy Clark Show on CKNW Interviews Regina Waldman on Jews from Arab Lands

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