Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Canadian Bloggers meet Israel

It's a semi-secret mission, at least it seems to have been in the planning stages. But I think our best bloggers are going to regale us with some reports from the frontlines of liberal democracy vs. the Global Intifada. So far, I'm only aware of these participants:
small dead animals

five feet of fury. (don't support the team.)

Blazing Cat Fur

and Vancouver's finest, Jonathan "New Media" Narvey.

It seems this blog - Rediscovering Israel | Dispatches from the holy land by travelers from the true north. - has been set up to carry the group's reports, though so far only Jonathan is blogging there, with three essays under his belt. Inspired!

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Dag said...

I think we should go to Israel as well for a few weeks to blog the reality of the nation and the people. We could do it on the cheap and independently. The three of us could show the world a side of the nation most never dream exists, even those who generally support Israel. It is a wonderful place that takes time to know, and is life-changing. We could do that for some through blogging there for a general audience.

And yes, I am totally in envy of our friends blogging there now.