Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Britain's terminal flight from reality

Don't let the voters know we face bankruptcy - Telegraph
Clearly, with no serious political opposition, with the nation-destroying Labour Party still an electoral contender, the UK is dead (it's like British Columbia, which has a mad hatter as its Premier, because no intelligent opposition can emerge in a corrupt post-national culture); can any rebirth occur once the inevitable crisis can no longer be postponed, or will there only be years of ransacking to come? And will Canada offer sanctuary to our Head of State and Her clan, let alone the millions of others who will soon want to escape? I weep.


skyhook8 said...

No doubt England is screwed. They are also close to the tipping point with Sharia Law and this will be the end of a once great empire.

Meanwhile back in British Columbia: Another member of the Mad Hatters cabinet Kash Heed is under investigation.
I am suspicious that the RCM Keystone Cops waited to the last minute to get into this. From what I have read all bets are off and the investigation ends June 1.

These 'investigations' don't ever seem to expose what actually happened and rarely lead to charges or convictions.

Here is a list of corrupt BC politicians in jail:

Corrections welcome.

covenant said...

Thanks for the comment skyhook, we'll be gettig back to the Lorna madness shortly.

I gave it a moment's thought and I couldn't think of any pols in jail. I'm still wondering if we will ever learn what really happened with the BC Rail scam. And, in a province where the illegal drug trade is said to be the first or second largest industry, how is it possible that there is not some significant corruption to jail...? But the evidence that Gordo has been felting for too long need not involve criminality. For example, doubling down on the carbon tax because of the lack of snow at the Olympics, entrenching tribalism in BC's constitution...

skyhook8 said...

and Gordo has given up Provincial autonomy on taxing by taking the fed cash to go HST.

Who is on the horizon to get BC out of this mess? No one near as I can tell.

Patrick Ross said...

David Cameron and the Conservatives will very likely win this election.

If there's to be any hope for Britain fighting their deficit and public debt whatsoever, they need to win a majority.

If the election results in a hung Parliament, the Liberal Democrats will likely ensure that Britain's railway to bankruptcy continues.