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Passivists, Actors, and the Charged

The criminal and psychotic regime in Iran has committed itself to war and declared the world kufar: we are now legitimate targets of Muslims, all of us around the world, if we do not convert to Islam. Somehow, that doesn't seem to be raising any eyebrows in our world capitals among those who should be paying as much attention to these things as do bloggers in Vancouver, Canada. The Iranian government just threatened to kill us all. What's not to get?

We looked at what happens in places where Muslims gain a foot-hold. Where Islam is dominant, then the dhimmis are slowly, if there's a bit of luck, slowly strangled as populations till they do not exist any longer. Today we can look at the example of Egypt's Copts. They fare better than most, being a sizable ten percent of the population otherwise Muslim. Turkey has one percent and dropping. Should we look at Sudan? Or how about today we look at Chad? Or we might look at Britain.

In the two posts below we've seen a psychotic triumphalist Muslim regime declare war on the world. We've seen what happens in the event of Islamic victory. Now we'll turn our attention to how we in the West respond to threats of this kind and others. Following that we'll look at what might be a better response on our parts.

In the face of war declared, in the knowledge of total annihilation of all that is non-Muslim, Britain does this:

When self-defense is a crime

By the late 1990's, England's crime rate rose to the point where it was worse than France, Germany or the United States. According to the American Spectator:

American and British criminologists have long been puzzled and angered by the fact that Britain seems to have learnt nothing from the experience of New York in successfully reducing crime.

The big drop in virtually all types of crime in New York has generally been attributed to the zero-tolerance policy associated with Mayor Giuliani. Now Britain, far from adopting zero-tolerance, looks like it's adopting a policy of not prosecuting many serious crimes at all. This is the subject of an official Home Office directive to all British police forces. British police have now been told that instead of arresting a range of serious criminals, they can be let off with a caution.

The Home Office says offenses that may now be dealt with by a caution include burglary of a shop or office, threatening to kill, actual bodily harm, and possession of Class A drugs such as heroin or cocaine if police decide a caution would be the best approach....

British law also prohibits self defense - all forms of self-defense. If violent crime were a boxing match, the criminal would have the right to threaten and/or use lethal force, while the victim is restricted to Marquess of Queensbury rules (actually, Robert's Rules of Order).

Guess who always wins.

There have been doubts expressed that a right to self-defense still exists in British law. Following one homicidal home burglary Dr. Ian Stephen, an Honorary Lecturer (Forensic Psychology) at Glasgow Caledonian University, told householders:

"If you attack the burglar, or react in an 'over-the-top' manner... you will inevitably end up on the receiving end of a prison sentence that will far outstrip that imposed on the intruder in your own home.... [W]hen individuals are confronted by intruders there are some actions they should follow. Direct contact should be avoided whenever possible. If unavoidable, the victim should adopt a state of active passivity..." a result.

...London and British crime rates have been increasing for years. Recently total crime rates for London have been estimated at about seven times those of New York for a slightly smaller population and some authorities suggest these figures have been minimized. England and Wales are now accounted by some estimates as the most dangerous places for crime in the developed world.

New York and London have populations of 8 million and 7 million respectively and comparable police budgets, though New York has about 40 percent more police actually on the beat. British papers retail many incidents of British police, rather than preventing crime, being kept busy "celebrating diversity" and prosecuting politically incorrect remarks and behavior (large amounts of money and court time have been spent by the Crown Prosecution Service on cases of children who have made politically incorrect remarks in school playground fights, for instance)...

This isn't an exaggeration. British courts are using the money they've saved by letting violent criminals run free to bring children to court for the crime of insulting each other on the playground.

Some judges are questioning the wisdom of this policy :

Judge Finestein said he thought prosecuting the youngster was "crazy" and urged the Crown Prosecution Service to reverse its decision. He said: "Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness? I was repeatedly called fat at school. Does this amount to a criminal offence?

He told the court: "This is how stupid the system is getting. There are major crimes out there and the police don't bother to prosecute. If you get your car stolen it doesn't matter, but you get two kids falling out because of racist comments - this is nonsense." The 10 year old who was brought before the court said that the boys had forgiven each other and were friends again.

The changes made to the British legal system seem to be motivated by political correctness and an anti-prison bias :

"This is part of the wider problem that the Home Office has an anti-prison bias. But while they regard prison as uncivilized, they don't seem to care whether the alternatives work or not."
That doesn't explain why they throw people into jail for defending themselves. However, the fact that "they don't seem to care whether the alternatives work or not." explains the motivation behind this and most bad political policy. They're not learning from experience, proven results or research, they're just doing what feels right. If their intentions are good, then the results should be good.

Their efforts to make Britain more civilized are making it a very uncivilized place. Any ten year-old can tell them this is a bad idea
Posted by Mary Madigan on Monday April 10, 2006 at 10:25am

We can shake our heads and wonder aloud if the British are insane. We can do the same in looking at the conditions in France, in Sweden, in Spain, nearly an nation on Earth under threat from Islamic triumphalism. They, Muslims, have declared universal war on jahaliyyah and kufar, on the world of those who are not Muslims and those who are worse, those who refuse Islam. That would be us. And our response to what is clearly an effort to annihilate us by violence and dhimmitude? Well, nothing really, thank you very much.

Most Westerners, those being Japanese and Indian Hindus, Thais and Singaporeans, Russians and Americans, all those who either live in or attempt to live in the modern world, most Western people just don't notice the problem of Islamic jihad and triumphalism at all. Many of the small minority who do find ways of diminishing its importance, claiming it's not a big deal at all, that if only we in the modern West would stop supporting Israel, stop this or than policy, make amends, pay more jizyah, whatever, then the Muslim world would be happy with us, would go back to some state of tolerance and bliss that they'd lived in before we messed up everything and drove them to mad violence. The state of madness in the Muslim world is our fault. We are the actors, we are the motivators, we are the movers who made the world as it is now, and it is terrible; therefore, it is for us to change our ways to accommodate the world of Islam.

Strange to see that by claiming our actions to be responsible for Islam today and its madness that we claim they are merely reactive, having no great volition other than to respond to us. We did this, we did that, and the Muslim world is merely responding to our actions. Let's give them credit, these Muslims with a history of nearly 1,400 years of war, conquest, and extermination, for having some volition of their own, of not being totally passive after all. Muslims actually have a Will to Power all of their own. For modern Western Leftists to take credit for 1,400 years of Islamic conquest is a bit daring, a tad bold, perhaps even a touch stupid.

The stunning arrogance of the Left is matched nicely with the stunning ignorance of the Left. The universe, some brave soul might let them know, does not revolve around the elite at the New York Times editorial desk. Often one will find those who are not simply passive receptors of whatever comes along. Yes, I know that's shocking. In Britain boat-rockers such as we will perhaps find ourselves in prison for mentioning such obvious things. In the giant kindergarten that is the modern West we who are unruly children are sent to the principal. The behaviourists demand good behaviour. We must, in our infantalised states, be passive and listen attentively to our betters. Otherwise, like ten year olds on the playground, we might well be taken to court and sent off to gaol.

Defending ourselves? But no, sir, that is not allowed.

In spite of a declaration of war and the promise of annihilation, in spite of mayhem and murder in our cities and the strutting arrogance of those who feed off our labours, we must remain silent and smiling in the face of it. Children, behave!

Most people are, thank God, rightly passive. Most people do what most people do, and they do so on orders from above. Most people think what most people think, and it is to the good of most. Most people are passive and domesticated. Thank God for it. But the Devil, he has his place too.

In our currently inverted moral universe we have ushered onto the stage a scene played by gnostics. The phantasy we watch unfolding before our amazed eyes is the universe upside down and inside out. This is the theatre of gnositicism. This is the final act, the curtain coming down on this odd farce anytime soon, we can only hope and beg.

In this world where our lives are threatened directly by an exterminating enemy, we are cast as evil extras. We are the fools and villains who know not our evils. We have hired directors and stars to lead us through our paces till we die and are consumed in a glorious finale of the triumph of the primitive and the catharsis of the gnostics, their ascent to the higher realms of weirdness and self-fulfiliment, a gauzy, ephemeral highness of mystical insight reserved only for the special, certain in their destinies.

We, under attack, are evil. We know not the reality of the gnostic truth. It is reserved for our betters. We, the mud-people, must accept our fates and resign ourselves passively to our poor fates. We, worthless and silly, must atone for our mediocrity as beings to allow the greater to ascend to the heights of perfect understanding. The West is evil, caught in a materialism of the material world. We, fools that we are, are enamoured of the trivial and the shadowy, slaves to our lack of knowledge, seeing only reflections on cave walls of a lesser reality. We buy things. We own things. We struggle for things. And things, being material, are lesser than the highest knowledge to which the gnostic rises. We are a drag. We are guilty simply because we exist.

We, the mud-people, are caught up in the nets of illusion and materialism. We are consumers of the waste-products of the intellectuals. We disgust them. Nor do we honor them; and therefore we enrage them. We, children of darkness and ignorance, should bow down and worship our betters. When we don't, and we do not, they, knowing better, scold and detain us. They offer those of us better behaved more and newer toys and a place to play till we are gone under the hooves of Islam. It is good that we go because we are not worthy, we who destroy the natural and the high and the spiritual.

We cannot defend ourselves because our existence is indefensible. We are materialists rather than gnostics, a herd of beasts rather than a clique of priests. We are no good. We should go.

We are not intellectuals. Those of us who might think so are fools who attribute to the demiurge the good; and those who know, the true gnostics, they grasp the pleroma if not the monad. No, the rest of us at best are merely Rightwing religious bigots who know not the truth about the higher God who has no concern for the mud world of creation. We, the falsely conscious, are fools who do no know. And because we do not know and insist we do, we are condemned to corruption forever till we are finally wasted for good. Our only hope of salvation is to return to that which we are better suited: we are not special and gifted with insight into the pleroma; we must give up our pretenses and return to a primitive state of intuition wherein we might regain some semblance of innocence and authenticity that we have lost by mucking around in the material world. We should simply leave the search for knowledge to those who understand, and we should beg those we've abandoned to have us back so we can be real within our means, so we can roam the world like 7th century Muslims in a greater state of nature and naive religiosity.

But we won't because we are too evil to stop our materialistic ways. Since we won't stop, we must be stopped. We must be controlled and made to accept the better state of being that is the nature of those who are closer to their natural innocence, the barbarians that we truly were but are no longer due to our corruption and isolation from nature as we live in cities and in realms of commerce and other anti-spiritual mediocrity. We should just die, but if we won't, then we should leave the primitives to live as they will, and if they conquer and force the survivors to accept the prior state of natural innocence and naive religion, this is to the good.

Yes, Muslims are going to kill us. But that's OK. We deserve it. We are banal, mediocre, petty. We don't recognise the special state of reality that the gnostics grasp. We worship the demiugre of Mamon rather than the true God of social harmony emanating through the offices of the Golden Ones.

But this play is a farce.

Worse, these idiots are going to get us all killed. The house is coming down, and the play is stupid and crazy are repellent. I, for one, don't care for it. I boo and hiss. I reject the whole thing as a poor play by an idiot and his troupe of ham actors. this gnostic nonsense sucks. I've had enough of it. I'm walking.

Exit: Stage Right.

The majority of people are sitting passively in their seats watching this kindergarten drama. But some and more are leaving it for fresh air and sunlight. Yes, the players are attempting to lock the doors on the collapsing edifice. Those on the outside are condemned from the stage, from the pulpit, from the lecterns.

Burn, baby, burn.

For those who escape from convenient windows, from under the rotten floorboards, through any available cracks in walls, there is exile from the community of crazies. And here in the light of reason and decency we must organise ourselves.

For what? What are we, our huddle masses, to do? Forget now the passive, the actors, the play. If we are charged, then it is to the good for us.

We'll take it up next day, our regard for a new covenant of Man. We'll meet to think aloud freely and fairly. Exiles from the madness of phantasies and harm, refugees from insanities and violence, we can build again a greatness in a new land of freedom across the globe, a world of freedom and liberty and jusitice for all. We, each of us, will be a new colossus, not any longer the passive slaves of the priests of the gnostic turvy. It's time for us to stand, to act, to turn the right upright.

Let us march.

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

We will defend our good.

What a great thing we have before us, our time to win. We are blessed.

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What an amazing cry from the heart of common sense against the Gnostic monstrosities of our intellectuals. When I have more time i will comment further.