Monday, April 17, 2006

Truth or Consequences

Jews must act now for Justice
by Samboma
Sat Dec 31, 2005 at 04:17:40 AM PDT

A fact exists independently of our subjective consciousness or acknowledgement. We can close our eyes, bury our heads in the sand, but those foolhardy tactics will not alter its inherent empirical and objective character. A fact, which is, axiomatically, a truth, endures precisely because it is firmly grounded in historical reality.

One such fact is the dispossession of the Palestinians of their humanity, a travesty which began mid-last century and continues to this day. Another fact is that this great wrong has been legitimised by the acquescience and support of international powers that be, in a word the "civilised" Western world. Another fact - and this is even being created as I write - is that what remains of Palestinian land is being robbed under cover of a gigantic "security" wall.

Another truth worthy of mention in this veritable directory of facts is that anyone who even attempts to criticise Israel's gross violations against the Palestinian people risks being labelled "anti-semitic". But, you can call every Tom, Abu or Lahai anti-semitic, but it certainly won't stop the truth from being uttered.

Oh, darn. How did that sneak in. I meant to post this:

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 17 — A Palestinian suicide bomber killed nine people and wounded dozens today when he detonated a bag of explosives at a falafel restaurant in a gritty, working-class section of Tel Aviv, further inflaming tensions between Israel and the new Palestinian government led by Hamas.

In the deadliest Palestinian attack since 2004, the bomber struck at The Mayor's Falafel — the same small, open-front restaurant that was hit by another suicide bomber just three months ago, on Jan. 19. In that blast, 20 Israelis were injured, but only the bomber was killed.

The Palestinian Authority government, which is already struggling with a financial crisis and international isolation, called today's bombing a legitimate response to Israeli "aggression," though the attack was carried out by Islamic Jihad, a small, radical faction that is not part of the government.

Well, call me Islamophobic!

And that's a fact.

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