Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back from the meeting

Vancouver's persevering allies of France's Blue Revolution continued their weekly tradition this evening. Neither rain nor Toronto muslim terrorists, alleged or otherwise, managed to keep us away.

This week's imponderable question: has Canada been changed by the dismantling of the terror cell of muslim terrorists plotting in Toronto. From accumulated anecdotal evidence, the answer seems to be "yes, somewhat, but how many will really admit they've changed their point of view". Some newspaper stories that were mentioned, however, remind us that some canadians will simply continue to keep their anti-american/anti-israel/anti-western civilization mindsets no matter what contradictory evidence is placed before them.

Much speculation about what might be in store for us Monday night at the Vancouver Public Library, as the library hosts a guest appearance by "Irshad Manji... acclaimed journalist, lecturer and human rights advocate based in Toronto. "
What kind of greeting can the author of The Trouble with Islam Today expect from Vancouver's muslim community?
(with a title like that I was surprised to discover how short her book was)

It was emboldening, as always, to meet and talk and learn about what is happening in our country, and what we can do about it.

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