Friday, June 16, 2006


This week, the National Post has published a series of essays on the question of how the approach to multiculturalism, that has recently become a fundamental part of the Canadian identity, can survive its encounter with Jihadist violence. Since this is a theme this blog will regularly explore, I commend these essays to you, with the note that the writers chosen by the National Post have little to offer by way of a solution, or vision of a renewed Canadian Covenant, to replace the variety of multiculturalism they have come to denounce. Thus our task here is evident. I have only read the four of the five essays that do not require a subscription to the Post. I recommend especially the Tuesday essay by Gordon Nickel, for its lucid account of the question of whether Islam is usually and reasonably interpreted by its followers as compelling violence in the name of Jihad. The other essays by Robert Fulford, George Jonas, and Melanie Phillips are more focussed on the question of multiculturalism policy. All four essays encourage dicussion, which I am happy to engage in comments here. Here are the links:
Robert Fulford; Gordon Nickel; Wednesday essay by subscription only; George Jonas; Melanie

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