Sunday, June 25, 2006

a visit to North Korea

A fascinating glimpse of North Korea, courtesy of a visiting russian web designer.
(HT to the french blog bafweb, France's answer to the Drudge Report)

I'm hoping that some of the delegates to the World Peace Forum we chatted with Saturday, can take the time to follow the link and go through these several pages of photos. Will they ask themselves how their landmines lapdance and nuclear abolition chants could possibly be of help to the poor people trapped behind electrified fences, with an iron fist at their throats?

The translator comments that the fences surrounding the beaches are all electrified, to keep anyone from leaving the country from that direction.

Downtown Pyongyang, North Korea's capital city.
"The whole Pyongyang is like this, when he asked the guide about the old houses the guide said that old people didn't want to move out in the new ones and like it that way."What part of North Korea is this photo from, WPF delegates? Kanggye? Hamhung, maybe? Could it be Kaesong?
It's actually from Seoul, South Korea, a city "occupied" by the United States of America.
Of the two Koreas, WPF delegates, which nation's citizens are the one living in the kind of "peace" you have in mind?

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