Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Blue Revolution in Canada: an island... for now

[picture of a home in West Vancouver]

What is to become of Canada? Which way goes the tide, towards our cause or against us?
Are we to stand by and wait for whimsical nature to run its course? Must we stand by, helpless witnesses to our country disappearing beneath the waves?
Our choice, week after week, is to dare to blaspheme against nature, to venture to take our fate into our own hands, and raise our voices, in public, to discuss our desired fate.

Tonight we met, as we do every week, in the middle of Atrium of the Vancouver Public Library, to further this agenda. We clarify our purpose, we measure our resolve, we make room for others to join us, we work to reduce our isolation from the mainstream, by working to become the mainstream.

We are appalled by the nihilist drift that besmirches our nation. We take small comfort in the small signs of progress, but their pitiful pace is maddening. It is not enough, there must be more, for there is too much hanging in the balance. Too much to lose.

Canadians, where are you? We hold our our hand for you, to join us while we march.

Last winter, a small group of concerned citizens in France donned blue scarfs as a symbol of their resolve to turn back the tide, to emerge from their island sanctuaries and connect to fellow crusaders to reclaim that which has been lost.
We have chosen to wear the blue scarf to symbolize a similar resolve for our nation. We will not be victims, for we find no honor in that. We will not be second-class citizens submitting to fundamentalist islam, for we find no sanity in that. We will not be inactive, no longer involving ourselves in our future, for that inaction is for the dead.
We act. Our island of honor and sanity and action is, for the moment, stunted in its growth. Where are you? You know where we are.

And where we plan to go.

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