Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good News for MAWO: another dead Canadian in Afghanistan

Good news for MAWO (Mobilization Against War & Occupation) means bad news for Canada, and especially for Afghanistan.

Canada has lost yet another hero to the savagely unwesternized thugs of Afghanistan. Now the well-fed, well-clothed, university-inhabiting denizens of MAWO have an excuse for another rally, another petition, another chance to make Afghanistan even worse off by demanding, once more, that all Canadians leave that beleaguered war-torn nation, no matter what good they were accomplishing.
Was this brave man killed because Afghan brutes were ticked off at Canada's "criminal occupation" of Afghanistan, MAWO?

Vancouver man killed close to school

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Vancouver humanitarian was shot to death in northern Afghan-istan on Sunday.

Mike Frastacky, 56, was killed close to a school he had been building each summer for the past four years.

His most recent task was to build a wall around the school compound to protect the children inside.

Frastacky, a professional carpenter, was not attached to any non-government organization and funded his own work, building a school in Nahrin, in the dangerous Baghlan province in northeastern Afghanistan.
"He loved it there," said [Maureen Mayhew, a close friend of Frastacky], who has also been to Afghanistan, working as a doctor.

"He died doing what he loved and it's got to be commended when somebody has the guts to do something that they love despite the risks."

Mayhew last heard from her friend, via e-mail, on Saturday.

She said he had joked about the grim political situation in Afghanistan and was "relatively happy and satisfied."

"He's done a couple of months' work every year. This was a routine he was doing. Checking up on how the school was functioning. He wanted to build a wall around the school compound to make it safer."

Unlike non-government agency workers, who are protected by NATO guards, Frastacky did not have protection.

Mayhew said Frastacky, who was single, was drawn to Afghanistan by the warmth of the people he worked with.

"The people are very hospitable and he felt like he was really doing some good there. He loved the people and he loved the area," she said.

There is such a contrast between the good people of Afghanistan and their bad. Why not work to further help their good? Why abandon them to the whims of the bad? How many schools have MAWO protestors funded for Afghanistan, they who are so concerned for the future safety and prosperity of Afghanis? Their official website seems modestly humble about their charitable deeds.
Never mind, we all know the answer to that, don't we... it isn't about helping other people, it is a group formed to make their misbegotten members feel better about themselves.


truepeers said...

Charity? That's for Christians and Americans, don't you know. MAWO plans to change the world so there will be no need for charity, don't you know?

truepeers said...

Rest in Peace, Mike Frastacky