Sunday, July 23, 2006

It’s official: the CBC is bad for your health

If our physical bodies are shaped by what we eat, then just as surely our minds are to be shaped by what we learn. What food is to the body, ideas are to the mind; what greasy gravy fries do to our heart, Canada’s taxpayer-supported “news” broadcaster, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), does to our brain. In small doses, no real harm done perhaps; to pursue a steady diet of such trash, however, so devoid of nutrients, invites a heart attack when confronted by the inevitably harsh demands of reality.

Here’s an example of how the CBC is bad for your health: their report on the appalling pro-Hezbollah marches taking place in Montreal, Quebec, throughout the week. The scandalously neutral headline: "Lebanese-Canadians decry Israel in protests across Canada". "Decry", indeed!!

Now, in fairness, journalists face an undeniable challenge when reporting on a group of people doing anything, let alone a pro-terrorist march; how to edit a mountain of details into a molehill of tidy facts. The CBC tackles the problem by applying a simple filter: eliminate anything that might cause sympathy towards Isreal, and include anything that will justify jew-hatred in general, and Isreal-hatred in particular.
[the above photo was the only image accompanying the CBC's report on the Saturday protest in Montreal]

The CBC shamelessly ignores the nazi imagery festooning the protestors signs, it ignores the photos of carnage that little children are parading up and down the streets of Montreal, and instead settles on an innocuous photo identified only as “A man yells over a megaphone during a march through the streets of Montreal on Saturday.”

What is he yelling, that followers with swastikas on their signs and parents who encourage their children to wave signs decorated with maimed babies, would agree to follow him?
The CBC studiously avoids telling us. Who out there believes the “yells” were for both sides to find a way to live amicably, side by side, brother with brother?

This past Tuesday, a small group of protestors, hungry for genuine peace, evidently relying on the CBC for their steady diet of current events programming, showed up to participate at Montreal’s pro-Hezbollah rally. Imagine their surprise when... "Several outraged men confronted the small group pushing and shoving the young women. Several of their signs were destroyed, while other demonstrators said no peace is possible with that “damned people” (Jews) and accused the group of being bought by the “Jews’ money”. The group finally had to leave the demonstration site." [thanks to judeoscope for this eye-witness story]

This is what you get by feeding from the CBC: the naïve CBC viewers are accused of being in league with the very people they came out to protest against, because they don’t hate jews as much as the readers of the koran do. Their signs, “Peace for Lebanon and Israel”, “Make Peace Not War”, are the prototypical signs the CBC love to show as the standard fare for these disgraceful pro-jihadist events; no wonder they expected to blend in as average protestors.

This is the reality that the CBC protects them from, the real taste of these events, the real flavor of rallies for"… critics to make a show of force on the streets," … "We have to continue to talk and continue to express ourselves and say that [the Israeli action] is wrong."

A car in Lebanon? No, Montreal, Quebec, Canada... the kind of news you won't be getting from the dieticians at the CBC.
[images courtesy of IDFIsrael and Judeoscope]


truepeers said...

The CBC wants to believe it is neutral and objective in these "ethnic" disputes in other countries, and that even if the conflicts carry over into Canada they can be likewise neutral here in deference to the openness and non-judgmentalism of multiculturalism. But neutrality is nothing but a deferral of one's own moral choice, and a deferral of one's moral obligation to help bring the evil that war always is to a swift conclusion by choosing one's side and supporting it to victory or defeat as quickly as possible.

As much of our media now are revealing to us, but also to themselves, the longer they pretend to remain neutral the more and more they become complicit in dragging out a conflict. And so, once one's multiculti "neutrality" starts to be revealed as the prettified scam it is, one starts to look for guarantees of one's righteousness elsewhere. He who has refused seriously to think through the competing claims of the rivals in an "ethnic" war ("ethnic" being a label which can become a way of imputing biological causes to conflict, to the age-old battles for scarce resources, so as to allow one to remain objectively neutral, since there is no larger, transcendent, cultural, extra-biological good or evil at stake in an animalistic war...) will start to look for victims and underdogs with which to sympathize.

When there is killing all around, children being bombed to bits, neutrality starts to appear as if it is the height of vulgarity, even more vulgar than choosing a side which kills children (some with more intent than others...). Thus the pressure to take sides grows, one must find the greater victims... and often this means finding the supposedly weaker side, and then take their side. As Jan Egeland would say, as he walks through some rubble in Beirut, this is the humanitarian thing to do. The UN condemns ISrael and BBC has it live.

Thus Israel's relative military capacity to keep up a fight for western modernity and freedom against a bunch of fascist thugs bent on destroying Israel (a total destruction that Israel, it should be clear to all, does not want to reciprocate against the Muslim or Arab world) becomes the key to its pariah-hood among the liberal elites of Canada.

Liberalism and neutrality is thus a lie, just as multiculturalism as neutralisty is ultimately revealed as a lie. A moral person must choose sides and transcendent goods within one cultural tradition and not another. One must stand for transcendent goods, for freedom, and for the kind of society that can maximize these. Israel is one such society and it is fighting to survive. No one serious can seriously thinks it has the kind of imperial ambitions that the deeply resentful Islamic world has, a world only too keen to show off its butchered children to the resentful leftists of the western media for propaganda purposes. Frankly, the CBC may only be trying to catch up to the BBC, or to Radio Canada, but having a little trouble throwing off the shackles of the old objective neutrality.

Charles Henry said...

"When there is killing all around, ... neutrality starts to appear as if it is the height of vulgarity..."

I completely agree. There are many occasions when neutrality is the same as venality, that to say or do nothing in the face of pure evil is to find excuse for the evil.

How to scrape off the veneer of trust that shields the immoral lies billboarded by entrenched behemoths such as the CBC? How to topple such a giant?
I think by pointing out how hollow their world is; exposing their un-trustworthiness, revealing that even their very claim to "objectivity" announces a deep bias... for it is impossible for a subjective species like ours to remain "objective" when our world demands a moral component to any sane point of view.

Otherwise, I await a CBC viewer to tell me why there's no moral difference between the rapist and the victim of rape.

dag said...

The lines are clearly drawn, it's simply a matter of time before people find themselves on one side or another visably so. For now many are trying to stand on a thin line that merely humiliates them with its lack of breadth. No one would venture out of doors in clothes so ragged and revealing.

The Left stand exposed, and many are trying to look away from this obscene spectacle but it's too glaring and too dirty to hold ones gaze from forever. Like a filthy, blood-caked lunatic screaming on the sidewalk, people look anyway foor now and pretend it's not really thier business; eventually they will decide where they stand on this issue because it is too immediate to ignore. He's coming, the maniac with the knife, and he wants to know who is with him and who against. There will be no Reason, only struggle for life, and the sane will survive. It's coming.

"... he comes."

truepeers said...

I await a CBC viewer to tell me why there's no moral difference between the rapist and the victim of rape.

-but in certain places, they already are beginning to justify it: e.g., yes, what he did was wrong, but from the point of view of his culture, when a woman flaunts herself in public it is so humiliating and so dangerous to the social order that they think it's right to do the awful thing that he did, it says so in their religion, and so we have to take that into account when we sentence this guy... and maybe our western women should learn to be more circumspect, not to tease men like that... in fact, from the point of view of his culture, he is in the right and she is in the wrong... so maybe...