Saturday, February 17, 2007

Frank Talk on Reichman TV

Claude Reichman speaking at last weekend's public gathering of France's Blue Revolution movement, in Paris.

For over a year we have been meeting and organizing ourselves among other bloggers worldwide, inspired by the movement begun in France in November 2005, by French economist/broadcaster Claude Reichman. It was our weekly gatherings that last April led to us trying to focus our efforts through this blog, Covenant Zone.
Last November we reported that Reichman had been suddenly and unceremoniously removed from his long-running radio program at Radio Courtoisie. For those who, like myself, dearly miss Reichman's inspirational and informative bi-weekly 2-and-a-half-hour radio broadcasts, we can now sink our teeth into a wonderful new substitute: lengthy video discussions between Reichman and fellow Blue Revolutionaries, Gerard Pince and Jean-Christophe Mounicq.

Their debut broadcast, available at ReichmanTV here, offers admittedly humble production values, but who cares when it also offers the eloquent Claude Reichman as the moderator for such a candid and thorough round table discussion on the current French presidential campaign, and the economic state of the nation soon to select a new leader.

The analysis, as ever with Reichman, is thought-provoking. Let’s hope that the French people, lulled into apathetic inertia by the illusory mask their mainstream media places over the dire economic and social straights the nation finds itself in, are not too far gone that their thoughts can still be provoked in the first place. There needs to be a revolution of thinking in many parts of the western world, a renewing of commitment to the project of western civilization, a restating of our liberties and a clarification of the west’s obligations for safeguarding their furtherance.

Citizens of France, turn off the delusions being fed to you by that mediocre state-run television edifice so responsible for prolonging your misery, and turn on this new stream of information and analysis: ReichmanTV!


tiberge said...

Charles -

I'm watching the video in sections. A few minutes at a time. It's a bit long. They sound good - clear and understandable. Reichman is very attractive. I think this is the first time I've actually seen him, except in photos.

I wonder if they plan to expand the format to a round table approach (with a real round table!) with people like PDV or Le Pen and others as guests? It would be great to see and hear some of France's "victims", such as Redeker, Vanneste, Chagnon - and others who have been persecuted for opening their mouth.

I'm thinking of a round table because I've been watching "Camelot". The performance by Richard Harris gets to me every time, even though the movie is flawed in other respects.

Charles Henry said...

I read somewhere (can't remember which french blog) that they would be adding a second camera for the next, er, broadcast, in order to obtain a smoother transition as they switch from speaker to speaker.

If they are going to make it the replacement for their radio show, I daresay that they will soon start bringing in guests, as they used to do on their old Radio Courtoisie series.

Phillipe de Villiers did participate in one such talk almost a year ago, which I think was how I got introduced to him as a politician, as I recall.