Friday, February 23, 2007

Less than half of France finds Socialist Segolene Royal "competent"

Le Figaro, one of France’s most widely read newspapers, conducted a poll following Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal’s make-or-break appearance on a recent popular French television series, “I have a question to ask you” (“J’ai une question à vous poser”).
[You can read about the appearance itself, here, at Boz's encyclopedic blog on the 2007 French Election]

[Translated from Le Figaro:]

81% of the people who watched Ségolène Royal in “I have a question to ask you” on TF1 judged her “sympathetic”. A score notably higher than Nicolas Sarkozy (68%) and Jean-Marie Le Pen (37%). But this one criteria cannot hide other results less flattering for the socialist candidate: 45% of those surveyed judged her to be believable/convincing. Nicolas Sarkozy had achieved a score of 79%. And even Jean-Marie Le Pen beats her with 48% on believability.

She placed in-between Sarkozy and Le Pen on the criteria of “competent” (47%) and “close to your concerns” (56%).

After such a long trail of foreign policy pratfalls, what do those polled think she is competent **at**? And, just what "concerns" might such a rich and well-protected member of the political nobility be close to..? Raising the minimum wage, increasing the scope of the cradle-to-grave social safety net, subsidized university education.. these are all nice dreams, but really, are France’s gravest concerns purely economical..?

47% still find Royal competent, with 56% saying she's "close to their concerns": that gives me a sizeable number of voters to aim the following video at.
Enjoy this little What If... drama entitled, "The Beginning of the End":

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