Monday, February 05, 2007

Walking in the rain

It may have rained all weekend, but the scenery was still spectacular at one of Vancouver's most secret of scenic parks.
I hope I never get to the point where I can walk over this bridge and not be stopped dead in my tracks by the beautiful scenery. Charlie Chaplin once said, "the most terrible sin is to grow accustomed to luxury"; visiting this park regularly as I do, I keep that sentiment in mind.
You can always tell when you're sharing a moment at the park with someone who is visiting here for the first time. It is their speed of movement that gives them away; how long they spend standing still, compared to those, I guess those like myself, who visit the park more frequently. We tend to walk right past sights like the one pictured here, having seen it time after time.
What must these first lingering visitors think of me, as I pass them on my hasty stroll? That we take this scenery for granted? I can only offer, in my weak defense, that I am in transit towards another point, elsewhere in the park, in order to stop and marvel at the enchanting scenery I missed during my last trip...

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