Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July Palinism.

Don't tread on us.

[T]he Gadsden Flag "the most common symbol displayed by right wing terrorist organizations."

What is America?

When I was younger, America was a nation, the best on Earth, home of the brave and the land of the free, my home, a great place. Today I'm sick at the thought of it. Our natural president, Sarah Palin, is subject to insane hate-campaigns.

Our current office-holder bows down to foreign kings who set up terrorist acts against our people and our nation; he glad-hands drug-dealing, terrorist supporting Banana Republic dictators; schmoozes with Caribbean Communists; plays Stepin Fetchit like a second-rate warm-up comedy act for a stripper on the European stage; and bellies to the bar to slag his family in the hope of a few coins dropped his way for amusing the town hoods by way of sucking jihadis at Cairo. Our official leader blows off dying kids battling for democracy in Iran and blows Latino thugs in the the hope of gaining a wad or two by dumping on Hondurans. The man is facing hondos of his own. All down. This scum-bag is finished. In six months he's made many of us hate our own government more than we've ever hated anything else in life. He's not America. He's the end of the fasces.

Sarah Palin is the beginning of the renewal of America's beautiful Revolution. Four years from now it'll be long past time for many American citizenship-holders to leave. They won't have anything worth staying for anyway, but they'll have many good reasons to go. They'll be so deeply hated they won't be safe staying. Middle-class people will visit them and give them the belated message that America is for free people, that our nation is independent, that we live our own lives and the government is going to shrink to minimal. Maybe Sarah Palin will take office. If not, there will still be a palin nation for the president who comes.

The Greek word palin, as many must know now, means "return." Yes, we will return our nation to its origins, renewed and more beautiful than before. The intoxicated losers in the house of our nation today will find a reckoning coming. They'll find themselves held responsible for the damage when the parental people return. This party won't last. Then we'll rebuild.

The Gadsden Flag has been used throughout modern politics as a symbol of disagreement with the current governmment. This flag was most notably used during the Tea Party protests of 2009. The flag is often associated with the Right of revolution.

This current use of the flag has caught the government's attention.... Ironically, some authorities now label the Gadsden flag as "Extremist" .... Reports from Louisiana say that a man was detained by police for driving with a "Don't Tread on Me" bumper sticker on his vehicle.[3] A 2009 unclassified report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) to Missouri law enforcement called the Gadsden Flag "the most common symbol displayed by right wing terrorist."[4]

Sarah Palin is the America that's going to come back to bite the Left. Our country. Don't tread on it.

N.B. Left hate-graphics:
N.B.: [A] Department of Homeland Security report, "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment"


truepeers said...

facing hondos?

I wonder what a return to origins, for a nation, means to you. Obviously in some respects there's no return to the 18th century. But what would it mean to revive a nation bound by the american idea of a constitutional republic? What is the nature of the road from past to future?

Dag said...

Hondos, in this case, refers to landscape obstacles, hills in Honduras. My hope and expectation is that Obama will find the slide down to be the end of his career.

America? We aren't determined by age-old blood-feuds, (unmanufactured) ethnic rivalries, class hatreds, feudal longings, and cet. America is what people make it, millions of ordinary people doing their private business to the best of their abilities, without the government telling them instead what they must do. Anyone can be a legitimate American, not because of their family, their generations of living in the land and relation to the group, but just because they want to be that more than anything else available. But "American" is objectively meaningful. At heart, it's about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and the basic ideas of human freedom that we accept a universal and undeniable, self-evident truths; and with those general ideas in the mind of most, however fuzzy they might be, Americanness grows into love of the nation, of its freedom, and it's land and people united. It's a love of 'our possible future' that we can pass on to others with pride. We want others to have this beautiful life in future as well. Thus, when we see wreckers and haters, I, at least, want to combat them as evil destroyers of the universal Good. In common sense terms, the Fourth of July is the birth of our nation, the proudest day for us. Our happy birthday, the day all this good began officially.

I could shout for pure joy when I see the Stars and Stripe fluttering in the wind or hanging on my wall, bringing up all the good emotion I carry with me, however buried it might usually be. Every bold line and each shining star represents for us the beauty and truth of our people and our good nation. Soldiers and mothers and farmers and men and women who make our nation in their small and anonymous ways, they are threads that make our flag so good.

I can play so late, even stay out the whole night long, 'cause I'm an orphan and no one calls me home. But it's still home even if no one misses me.

I see it all now....

truepeers said...

What you're talking about is the unity, through sharing in a process of national renewal, that comes from freedom - which is first of all the freedom to make and exchange representations of our shared reality - from an open exchange of differences. It seems to me that what matters, in thinking about America, is to have a sense of the constitutional order or logic that allows for a maximally free exchange. And while I might agree with you about the "destroyers" being destroyers, I think we have to acknowledge that in their own thinking they too sometimes see themselves as in search of freedom. We so often depict them as lusting for some master and corporatist order, but my sense is the American left is not simply that but also has some idea of individual freedom. So we need to make sacred the bases or necessary conditions of such freedom, or in other words to encourage people to figure out a little better what those are. The return to America will require some kind of shared conversation about just this conversation.

Happy 4th!

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