Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm thinking of moving to the old homeland. Where to go? I'll consider gay rights, access to abortion, and the local recycling programme as well, I'm sure, in deciding for Obamanation or Palinville. What'll it be?

Crime Type 2006 TotalPer 100,000 PeopleNational per 100,000 People
Overall Harrisburg Crime Index 3246 6831.74479.3
Harrisburg Violent Crimes 803 1690553.5
Harrisburg Murders 10 217
Harrisburg Rapes 51 107.333.1
Harrisburg Robberies 461 970.2205.8
Harrisburg Aggravated Assaults 281 591.4336.5
Harrisburg Property Crimes 2443 5141.63906.1
Harrisburg Burglaries 629 1323.8813.2
Harrisburg Larceny/Thefts 1655 3483.22601.7
Harrisburg Motor Vehicle Thefts 159 334.6501.5
Harrisburg Arsons 1 3267.35N/A

For more city crime stats go to AreaConnect and select a city.

I'm not sure. For the sake of comparison, let's look at Texas:

Latest 2006 Crimes per 100,000 People:

Georgetown, TXHarrisburg, PANational

Forcible Rape:22.43107.3432.2
Aggravated Assault:79.8591.4336.5
Larceny Theft:1171.53483.22601.7
Vehicle Theft:107.2334.6501.5

Actual Reported Population and Crimes:

Georgetown, TXHarrisburg, PA
Forcible Rape:951
Aggravated Assault:32281
Larceny Theft:4701655
Vehicle Theft:43159

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daniel said...

So a suburban university town has a lower crime rate than a decrepit rust belt city. In other news, the earth is round.

Now, try comparing Wasilla, Alaska with Montpelier, Vermont.