Sunday, October 08, 2006


There's no accounting for taste. But personally, I find it stomach turning to see a woman in public, draped from head to toe in some black sack, and being policed by some young man, a brother say, in his sporty track suit or whatever western dress he thinks makes him cool. It makes me sick to live in a "society" that allows this. We (and it is We, all of us, who should be ruling ourselves, not deferring to PC bureaucrats and their patron-client multiculti feudalism) should tolerate no form of religion that does not tolerate the sight of women's beautiful faces or want them to know the feel of sunshine on a crisp autumn morning.

So what to make of the degrading fact that a British paper sees fit to publish a guide to de-humanizing wardrobe practices? At least now you don't have to worry about offending anyone by mistaking the difference between, say, a burqa and a niqab. From the bottom of the linked article on Jack Straw's troubles for criticizing the veil (can anyone give me a good reason why the legitimacy of forcibly - let's not pretend about most cases within the cult of submisison - veiled women is even up for debate?) here's the list of shame, with its oh so flippantly coy pomo title:

HIJAB: Headscarf is most commonly worn in the West. It covers the head and neck but leaves the face clear.

BURQA: Most concealing of all Islamic veils with a mesh screen to see through.

AL-AMIRA: Two piece veil. Close fitting cap with a tube-like scarf.

SHAYLA: Long rectangular scarf wrapped around head and pinned.

NIQAB: Veil leaving eye area clear for an optional separate veil. Attracted Jack Straw's attention.

KHIMAR: Cape-like veil which hangs to waist. Face left clear.

CHADOR: Full body cloak with smaller headscarf worn underneath.
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Charles Henry said...

I recognize that picture very distinctly, it ran on the front page of the Vancouver Sun in the aftermath of the London bombings last July.

And to think that the two seniors on that bench are from a generation that we in the west have been taught to believe offered "no rights" for women, compared to today. If the first half of the 20th century was so bad, how much worse is living your public life under a black potato sack? Is this what the suffragettes ran onto race tracks to get trambled for?
The right to be treated like a dog?