Tuesday, October 24, 2006

France: The Party's Over

As a child, I was lucky to learn French as well as English in school. It's a beautiful language. Say what you want about France, but it is a pleasure to speak french, there's a majestic rhythm to the flow of the words; I should miss it, were it to go.
As a teen, I read much about France, marveling at its history, discovering the glory in its past. Say what you want about the french, but they have inherited a wonderful legacy; I would miss it, were it to go.
As an adult, today, I read much about France, her problems, her mistakes; the nation, and its people, find themselves at a crossroads. Which turn shall they take? Do they have the memory that I have, of France?
I shall miss them, should those memories go.


truepeers said...

I went to France about twenty years ago. I think I will just let the romantic memories sit and not go back to see what it has become, not until the next Republic. Good work, Charles.

tiberge said...

@ charles

Fantastic! I want the embed code ASAP!

I'll contact you via e-mail.

Rick Ballard said...

Good work, Charles. I'll try and think of another song to fit a similiar slide show for the UK. They aren't all that far behind the French.

Charles Henry said...

Thanks, Truepeers. And thanks very much for the link over at my favorite blog, Flares into Darkness!

Merci, Tiberge. I've sent that along to you, I hope in the right format.

Rick, thank you. Actually I had one song in mind, already, for my forthcoming UK video:
"They'll always be an England".

dag said...

You are going to single-handedly revive Doris Day. Good work!

Sissy Willis said...

Dag is right re Doris Day . . . Her sentimental stylings resonate with unexpected depth and irony.