Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Worshipping the wrong idol in the Horn of Africa

More trouble brewing in the Horn of Africa.
This corner of the world tends to receive only sporadic attention in the western media… maybe it’s time to start paying much more attention.

Courtesy of afrol news:

17 October - An internal document shows that Somalia's new Islamist rulers have decided to send suicide bombers to the neighbouring peaceful self-proclaimed state of Somaliland. Their aim is to topple the elected Hargeisa government. The Islamists have already staged violent demonstrations in Somaliland to destabilise the government.

In a decision signed by Sheikh Dahir Aways, the most radical leader of the Mogadishu Islamists … the Shura Council of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) decided to send 30 young assassins to Hargeisa as suicide bombers to kill what they called the Jewish and American collaborators.

"The Shura Council of the Perseverance Alliance has decided to send 30 young martyrs to carry out explosions and killing of the Jewish and American collaborators in the northern regions," the document said.
[T]he decision blasts the Somaliland leadership for being apostates who reneged from Islam and opted to work with Jews and Americans at the expense of their nation and religion.

The Islamist council also decided to train 3000 young mujahids hailing from the northern regions, or Somaliland, that are currently living in the southern towns of Mogadishu, Kismayo and Guri Eel. These would later be dispatched to Somaliland, the document reveals.

A number of Somaliland clerics have also issued statements, calling for the Somaliland government to apply Islamic Sharia without any delay.

Somaliland, a former British colony that has unilaterally annulled its union with the rest of Somalia after the collapse of the Said Barre regime in 1991, has since then enjoyed a high degree of peace and stability. It also established a robust democratic system and held internationally observed presidential and parliamentary elections.
Scoffing at Somaliland's peace and stability, [Sheikh Dahir Aways] recently accused the Somaliland people of worshipping the wrong idol. "The Somaliland people forgot to worship Allah and instead worship an idol called Peace," he said in a statement to the media.

Curiously, this sentiment echoes that of an islamist arsonist, fresh from a rampage to curtail Somaliland free speech the day before:

A huge number of issues of Somaliland's independent daily 'Haatuf' newspaper were burned in the town of Buroa by extremists linked to the Islamist courts of Mogadishu in neighbouring Somalia. 'Haatuf' is highly critical on the Somali Islamist movement, terming them "terrorists", and was first to report on their Buroa-based Somaliland link.

One of the newspaper burners, Saeed Muse Faras, was also reported to have said after Friday players at a mosque in the Hodan neighbourhood of Buroa, "there is nothing sacred about Somaliland's unity, the only thing that is sacred is the Holy Book," according to 'Somaliland Times'.

Meanwhile the whole Horn of Africa seems to be descending into war:

In what the UN calls a "major ceasefire breach", Eritrea has moved some 1,500 troops and 14 tanks into the UN monitored buffer zone that separates it from Ethiopia […and] is reported to have breached the UN arms embargo on Somalia by supplying weapons to the well-funded Islamists.
Analysts earlier pointed out that this was an effort to distract Ethiopian forces from its ongoing conflict with Eritrea and incite a second front in Somalia. At the same time, Ethiopia for the first times in centuries is experiencing violence between Muslims and Christians in what seems to be well planned actions to cause hatred between the country's two major religious groups.

The parading peace-at-any-price protestors might do well to review the sacredness of their "peace", long enough to pay attention to what the forces of radical islam are doing to those who worship Peace and not allah.

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