Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is Iran really fooling anyone?

Can there really be someone who believes Iran at their word, or might it be more that the majority of people have become so nihilistic, that they just don't care, just don't want to be bothered, and therefore take no heed of headlines like ....

Iran doubles nuke enrichment capacity

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran has doubled its capacity to enrich uranium by successfully executing the process with a second network of centrifuges, a semiofficial news agency reported Friday, sending a defiant new message to the UN Security Council.

Council members are working on a draft resolution that would impose limited sanctions on the Islamic republic because of its refusal to cease enrichment, a process that can produce fuel for a civilian nuclear reactor or fissile material for a warhead.

French President Jacques Chirac, meanwhile, expressed support for sanctions against Iran but insisted that they be temporary and reversible.

In a separate report on Friday, [The Iranian Students News Agency] quoted Ali Larijani, Iran's top nuclear negotiator, as saying his country's enrichment program should not hinder negotiations with the West.
"It is possible to review both nuclear and regional issues through negotiation,'' Larijani was quoted as saying.
Larijani called for an open negotiation on the enrichment issue, and blamed the West of being irrational in its opposition to an Iranian nuclear program,
which Tehran says is geared toward purely civilian use.

The United States accuses Iran of secretly trying to build an atomic bomb under the guise of a civilian nuclear program. But
Iran denies this, saying its program is strictly for the generation of electricity.

Well, Mr. Larijani, some people may be forgiven for closely following the news and arriving at their own conclusions:

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truepeers said...

The generation born of Fleming and Broccoli, the purveyors of guilty pleasures to the totalitarian world, comes to power. SCAR-y

It is fascinating how a popular art has seemed to anticipate the bad guys of our age. However, Ian Fleming was accused of antisemitism for some of his Jew-y bad guys who wanted to take over the world, that is until the original Mr. kiss kiss bang bang saved the day. But now you have our bad guys aping the heroic role...

Are things all reversed? i can almost imagine the Jihadis liking this video. Who are the fools? indeed.

Time to wake up. Hopefully you can help the youtube crowd in that direction. Good work again, Charles.