Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mysterious crime wave in Paris…

The French blog Le Salon Beige reports that there have been 130 assaults on Parisian garbage collectors so far this year.
Incredibly, french officials are coy about identifying just which parts of the city, are actually the most dangerous.
I wonder if their reticence is prompted by who might live there..?

“Since May 2005, the garbage collectors of the city of Paris have been obliged to work under police protection in one neighborhood of the XVIIIth municipal borough
This police accompaniment was decided following several violent incidents targeting the garbagemen, said Yves Contassot, Green adjunct to the mayor, in charge of the Environment and sanitation. Mr Contassot refused to name the neighborhood, while specifying that since the beginning of the year the city’s garbage collecting personnel have been the target of 130 “assaults” throughout Paris, ranging from “forceful insults to physical assault”, with around thirty cases from the same XVIIIth municipal borough.”

A laconic commentor at the site sums up the inevitable results of trying to wish problems away:

“In tolerating the intolerable, one accepts the unacceptable”.

I wonder if a reader with more intimate knowledge of Paris than myself, can verify what connection there might be between this northern area of Paris, and the noteworthy riots that took place there late last year?

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