Tuesday, December 05, 2006

3 out of 4 british bosses banish Christmas this year

A sad commentary on the tyranny of political correctness running rampant in England. Being sued for having Christmas decorations on display at work?? This is what my grandfather's father fought the Kaiser for? This is why my grandfather was with the RAF? It was for this that my father and his brothers helped my grandmother persevere through the Blitz?
The sad state of England today, courtesy of an article translated by myself from the french site, La Croix:

Three british employers out of four have banned Christmas decorations in their companies in order not to offend persons of other faiths, according to a report published Tuesday by a law firm.
From this survey taken of 2,300 employers, it was found that 74% of them have banned the decorations out of concerns for other religions and that half also thought that it would give an un-professional look to their offices.
The Peninsula law firm, who originated the study, revealed that the workplace is increasingly overtaken by the "wave" of political correctness which hits traditional holidays.
"Christmas trees and other decorations may soon become things of the past for numorous companies this Christmas with the culture of political correctness that has spread itself throughout workplaces", underlined Peter Done, general director of Peninsula.
"While employers who have put these bans in place are skeptical of, and disconcerted by, this tendency, they thought that they had little choice in the matter because of the threat of lawsuits; and that they had to protect themselves, protect their reputation and their means of earning a living", he added.

I wonder if three out of four of these Brits felt that, 60+ years after their sacrifice, british employers should have the freedom to celebrate Christmas, in companies and businesses they built up themselves, if they wanted to?

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