Thursday, December 28, 2006

Covenant Zone Meeting: Blue Scarves for a clear horizon

Over the holidays I put together a short video tribute to our brave brothers and sisters in France, who meet and march in public as part of the "Révolution Bleue", the blue revolution. I've been very inspired by the courage of their actions; it's one thing to say and do such work here in North America, but far different to act as they do over in post-Christian western Europe, where their own governments are aligned against them.

For the last year, their courage to speak up and take a stand for liberty has inspired a hearty group of bloggers here in Vancouver, BC, to meet in public in order to preserve and perpetuate liberty on our own shores.

An ongoing curiosity to this alliance, and to the bond we feel with our camarades in France, is that our pursuit of universal liberty has been forged in an alliance of vastly different individuals. In some ways we have very little in common, beyond our belief in the value of western civilization, the blessings it has brought to our lives, and our desire to safeguard these achievements for generations to come.
One of the main incentives to meet with others has been this sharing of differences, born of unique experiences and individualized perspectives. Trying to discover that which is shared, and universal to our lives as men, and that which is unique, and unknown to others outside of ourselves... this is the meat and drink of reason, the gift human beings possess where other animals do not. These revelations are ongoing, as every week we learn something new about each other, but primarily, about ourselves, by having our lives compared to those others around us.

To advance towards this increase in understanding requires in turn, a fine balance of arrogance and humility. Arrogance, being necessary to all progress; for the conviction that we are worth advancing, that we are worth improving, must precede any attempt to actually improve. Its opposite, humilty, is needed in equal measure; for there must be a certainty that there remains room for growth, room for improvement... that we are all missing a piece that needs to be filled, and can be, with sufficient contact and comparison with others.
So much of life involves a reconciliation of these opposites, a veritable struggle between opposites. Struggle and conflict are not just part of life, they are a useful part of this life, and we ignore this truth at our peril. After all, you can't build muscles by lifting feathers.

France's blue revolution movement, hoping to re-energize France's belief in itself as a nation worth preserving, has its members sport blue scarves as a badge of recognition, blue to symbolize a cloudless sky, a clear horizon. It is not a promise for Heaven on Earth, as utopias are a fool's paradise; only a fool could believe conflict to be so perpetually absent from the life of man. Rather, the simple and humble blue scarf enables it that much easier to take a leap of faith, that all is not lost, we can go forward as assuredly as backward... that, like wearing the scarf itself, progress is a choice, a decision, a commitment, to believe in that which is worth believing in.
We get readers from all around the world who find their way to our little corner of the blogosphere. Why not start blue scarf meetings in your town, in your city, in your country, and see who shows up? Acting once makes it easier to keep acting. Acting on your beliefs makes it easier to keep believing in them. If you believe that liberty and progress are values worth preserving, why not resolve this year to act on those beliefs?

Our meeting, as ever, will be this thursday evening, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, in the Atrium at the Vancouver Public Library, wearing our blue scarves.
Where will you be?
We know where our colleagues in France will be: at the barricades.


dag said...

I've closed my blog, No Dhimmitude, to pursue its main objectives, the writing of the intellectual history of our post Modernist world.

Part of the beauty of our weekly meetings is that, for me, I have gained insights into my own understanding that I would never have encountered without such meetings with Truepeers and Charles. With the depth of insights my friends contribute to our weekly meetings I now have such a different grasp of my own thesis that I shudder to think of what I might havee produced otherwise.

Leaving my blogging to work now on revisions and editing of my manuscript means I'll have more time to focus on this blog as a contributor. I'm particularly proud to be included in the company of writers and thinkers here. I'll be joining more fully in the coming days.

Best regards, Dag.

truepeers said...

I'll miss No Dhimmitude; but I know its spirit will live on. Best wishes in your projects Dag and I look forward to the coming year here. We're just starting to get our legs....