Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Islamist Elmasry helped elect Stephane Dion as Liberal Party leader

In a subscription only column in today's Globe and Mail, Tarek Fatah, former head of the "secular" and leftist, Muslim Canadian Congress, and an organizer for Bob Rae in the recent Liberal leadership campaign, discusses the ethnic and religious sectarian politics that controlled many of the recent leadership votes in the Liberal Party of Canada:
Another religious group, the Canadian Islamic Congress, organized by Mohamed Elmasry, sent out a mass e-mail to its members with the subject line: "More Canadian Muslims than ever before will help determine Liberal Leadership Outcome." A religiously observant breakfast was arranged for Muslim delegates to the convention, and one [Gerard] Kennedy Delegate organizing among the Muslim community sent out a letter to the country's mosques, asking for Muslims to vote "en masse" for one candidate. The Islamic Congress had given Mr. Kennedy an A grade, while listing other hopefuls on a scale from a B to an F. This led to a spirited response fron Ignatieff delegate Salma Siddiqui, who is a vice-president of the secular Muslim Canadian Congress. "Muslims are not a herd of cattle to be sold to the highest bidder," she responded

Then, during the convention, the president of the Canadian Arab Federation, Khaled Mouammar forwarded a mass e-mail to Muslim delegates. The e-mail, with the subject line, "Don't elect a Leader who supports Apartheid," had a picture of Bob Rae with the following text plastered over his face: "Rae's wife is a Vice President of the CJC, a lobby group which supports Israeli apartheid and Israel's illegal Apartheid Wall.... Bob Rae supports Israeli Apartheid. Don't elect a leader who supports Apartheid."

It became a popular refrain. On Friday, a group of delegates coming from a breakfast arranged by the Canadian Islamic Congress taunted me: "Is Bob Rae going to the prime minister of Israel or the prime minister of Canada?"

Two rookie MPs, Omar Alghabra, a Muslim and Navdeep Bains, a Sikh, held the strings of as many as 400 delegates in the Kennedy camp. When the time came, these delegates moved as a bloc to Mr. Dion.

Stephane Dion may not know this, but his victory came in part through a political process that feeds on racial and religious exploitation. I respect the diversity of Canada, but I want to celebrate what unites us, not what divides us into tiny tribes that can be manipulated by leaders who sell us to the highest bidder."
Well, that 's a fine sentiment, but it comes from a guy who in his former work for the Muslim Canadian Congress (a supposedly "secular" organization that champions "the separation of church and state", and yet whose very reason for being is to advocate for a Muslim voice in our political life; keeping in mind that Muslims are not a racial or a national group, pray tell what is the "secular" Muslim interest in our political life if it is not in fact a religious, sectarian interest?) made (as we reported) leftist, anti-Israel and anti-American statements and supported the movement to divest from and boycott Israel, a movement that of course often uses the ridiculous "Israel-as-apartheid-state" rhetoric. Furthermore, Fatah's horse in this race, Bob Rae, hardly gave unqualified support to Israel in its war with the Hezbollah terrorists last summer.

Anyway, there can be no doubt about Elmasry's apologetics and support for Hezbollah, the Lebanese proxy of the Iranian state that is actively and publicly calling, as did Hezbollah's leader, Nasrallah, for the wiping out of Israel. That Elmasry who called all Israeli adults legitimate targets of terrorist violence, before he was forced to apologize, is allowed to participate in the Liberal Party is a sign of how that party has fallen from any moral standard in its embrace of any and all things "multicultural". That Elmasry is an Islamist whose ultimate agenda is to turn the whole world Islamic, and that he has called for violent means among others, does not mean that he is shunned or expelled from the Liberal multiculti fold. And now he has thrown his political weight behind the forces in the Liberal party that were largely responsible for Stephane Dion's election as their leader last Saturday.

Unless and until Stephane Dion clearly rejects all aspects of Elmasry's Islamist agenda, a vote for the Liberal party may well be a vote for serious evil.


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truepeers said...


Can you provide us a reference to Fatah's comment? I know Fatah is no friend of Israel, but I find that language shocking. Please show us where he said it.

According to WIkipedia: "In 2003, Fatah engaged in a high-profile break with Irshad Manji in the pages of the Globe and Mail in which he repudiated the thanks she gave him in the acknowledgement section of her book The Trouble with Islam. Fatah wrote of Manji's book that it "is not addressed to Muslims; it is aimed at making Muslim-haters feel secure in their thinking."[8] However, Fatah recently said that he regrets his remarks, and that he was unfair in slamming Manji's book. He now says that she was "right about the systematic racism in the Muslim world" and that "there were many redeeming points in her memoir, which I overlooked in my rush to judge it."[9]"

truepeers said...

The first comment here was deleted because the commenter alleged Tarek Fatah said something about Irshad Manji's book that s/he has not yet provided any reference for. And the allegation was libelous.