Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

From our covenant zone, to yours....


Charles Henry said...

Merry Christmas to my fellow-bloggers, Truepeers and Dag; thanks for all the inspiration, encouragement and camaraderie you've provided throughout the year.
Merry Christmas to our fellow bloggers, all around the world, without whose efforts this struggle would feel mightily monumental indeed.
(Un Joyeux Noel en particulier pour nos confreres en France, portant leurs echarpes bleues; merci pour votre example et vos lettres de soutien)
And a very Merry Christmas to our commentors and lurking readers; thanks for your patronage, and for the refreshingly civil and respectful tone with which you've engaged us in discussion. You keep us on our toes! Thank you.

May God Bless you all and may next year see us one step closer to Peace.

truepeers said...

And many thanks to you, Charles. Dag and you epitomize what blogging is best about: distinctive voices - brilliant, sincere, witty, integrated - that only this new medium could bring to the acquaintance of strangers, for which I feel blessed. You make concrete a vision of how the sacred is being renewed in our time as ordinary individuals focus ever more of our time and attention becoming our new centres, models for friends and strangers to endlessly imitate and differentiate in building for ourselves and with countless millions, a beautiful transcendence, a covenant always calling us while remaining forever open.

Merry Christmas

dag said...

Jane and I had a lovely dinner this evening with friends, and it's all the better beecause we have our minds and conversation filled with optimism stemming from our knowledge that there are many people around the eworld in in this city who we will join in th coming year to spread the freedom to be happy, men and women together as equals and friends. In a Muslim country I'd have to eat with men while the women wait for whatever's left over. Later in the evening I might go downstairs to the women's section and beat up Jane if I found I'm impotent from gorging myself. We have so much to be thankful for, and mostly for things we accept as so natual that we can't imagine they are not universally accepted, and are in fact resisted by main force and often suicidal violence. I can eat dinner with Jane and enjoy her company without either of us fearing she'll be stoned to death or that I'll be flogged. It's so simple. Because I've lived on the other side of reality I look at Jane eating dinner, and I'm thankful I live here, and that we will bring Human decency and common concern to all people when we move to make the world free of Islam. If going to war to be able to eat dinner with Jane is all it's about, then count me proud to be part of that fight. All of us this Christmas can be proud of our works and our futures. What a great thing it is to be alive and able to live such wonderful lives.

I look forward to the coming year. Isn't it great! Our just war makes us beautiful. I think I'll ask jane to dance ewith me. And we're not even married!

Best wishes to all, and Merry Christmas.

tiberge said...

@ Charles, Dag, and Truepeers

A very belated Merry Christmas. I feel contrite that I didn't see this beautiful post earlier. I've been avoiding the computer since Christmas Eve. The thought of getting back to "work" paralyzes me at times.

If that's Vancouver, don't move! Stay right where you are. It's beautiful.

Today is Thursday and I hope your meeting went well.

The weather here has been a bit balmy. Our winter usually comes in February.