Friday, December 15, 2006

The secret life of Queen Elizabeth, according to Reuters

Wow, it seems that Canada's head of state is a far more versatile character than I ever imagined! Why wasn't I taught this hidden side of her royal duties back in high school?
Reuters had the "scoop" back in October, and we've been reminded of this news and much more, at Regret The Error's annual "Crunk" awards, honoring the year's most regrettable moments in journalism.
The moral of the bee story, for me: you should use spellcheck as an assist to, not replacement for, thinking about what you write.

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dag said...

That's a joke journalist play in the editing room! Mock headlines, corrupted stories, in-jokes, all kind of things that clever and bored people do to amuse themselves and each other as the workday progresses toward quitting time and a few hours of gossip at the local drinking establishment. There is the story of the Commusnist editor working for a conservative magazine who spotted someone writing "cruxifiction." Well, even Communists sometimes have enough sense to edit properly. Sometimes ordinary folks just miss things they are paid to spot. This brings smiles to me, and many fond memories. OOh, and some cringes!