Saturday, December 29, 2007

The age of transparencies

Since we've been voted "most obtusely anachronistic and semantic" blog by Sean, the anti-Les Nessman of a groovy, post-coo-ool blog, I've gone looking for truer signs of the times about which to wax runic:
It must be hard being Facebook. When you’re not being accused of endangering the privacy of people who’ve posted their life stories on the web, or of providing a forum for paedophiles, you’re deleting the profiles of Lib Dem MPs, claiming that they don’t exist. It must be hard being a Liberal Democrat too.

Steve Webb, 42, who has been an MP for ten years, used his Facebook profile [to] keep in touch with constituents, but some people, it seems, began to doubt his credentials. When Facebook received complaints, they took prompt action and removed the profile.

"I was essentially accused of impersonating a Member of Parliament," Mr Webb told Reuters.

He accepted that Facebook’s doubts may have arisen because he had more than 2,500 friends – a suspiciously large number for an MP.
Now, when I was trapped in nostalgia, studying history and counting all the Gladstone vs. Disraeli streets in Canada (it's a sad tale), I remember reading about the growth of liberty and how many millions of active, voting, candidate-choosing members the British Conservative, Liberal, and Labour parties came to have. They were a fundamental part of the network of everyday life in British society. Now that British politics has been outsourced to Brussels and what's left is dominated by an increasingly tyrannical Prime Minister, and the other party leaders, there really are only a few people an ambitious MP needs to have on speed dial. So, no wonder Mr. Webb was taken for a fake. At the very least, maybe he is the one truly deserving of the Obtusely Anachronistic-Becoming Transparent award. Mr. Webb even has a nice blog where I found this ditty from the land of Shakespeare:

Once upon a time in England
Stood a very good MP
His election was a landslide
It's North Avon History
But now his very existence
Has encountered resistance
He has helped us all and gladly
Now we come to rescue Steve
Facebook friends, unite and stand up
To make everyone believe
Steve is real, so tell your president
Give him back to North Avon Residents
And one day, in the near future
All this will feel like a dream
Steve will have his Facebook friends back
And Lib Dem's will reign supreme
Until then, we'll do our best
To keep up our Facebook protest!
And here's Steve with his face back.

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dag said...

That was, like, totally semantic! I nearly gasped myself when I read "waxing runic." Anachronistic. I love that character in the comix. The ones about Rome and France and stuff.

But dude, who is this Facebook dude? Like, is he for real or is he, like, obtuse?

Oh, I know. I'll ask Sean.