Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!


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Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all the Christians, secular and religious, out there. May you and your loved ones find grace and peace in our worldly struggles.


Charles Henry said...

Merry Christmas, to my fellow bloggers Truepeers, and Dag.

Merry Christmas to all our readers and commentors.

May God Bless our troops, serving as they are so far from their families and their homes. Godspeed to them, and Thank God for still giving us so many men and women like them.

Merry Christmas, to you all..!

Doug said...

Bible standards attacked in 'bastardized courts'
Homosexual advocates claim hurt feelings, demand penalties

Biblical standards are under attack by the "bastardized courts" of Canada, where activists who claim they have "hurt feelings" are demanding – and getting – penalties imposed against those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle, according to a family organization.

The description of the courts, also known as the provincial and national Human Rights Commissions, comes from the Canada Family Action Coalition, which has addressed the problem in an alert to its constituents, and warns the United States is not that far from having similar assaults on traditional family values.

truepeers said...

Thanks Doug,

These "human rights" tribunals are an abomination in a (formerly) free society, a great corruption of the rule of law and due procedure. The legislative acts licensing these tribunals are a joke, the epitome of how not to think about law and its possible applications. Victimary ideologues no doubt go all giddy in the knees when they have such laws on the books. But it seems that the powers that be have forgotten that the greater part of the law is not the statute on the book, but the process by which it is enforced or applied, and here the tribunals really embarrass the citizens of what used to be a free society.

For starters, how can we imagine anyone sane operating a court whose legal license is to ban all public forms of "discrimination" against any and all identifiable groups? For one thing, they don't even recognize that the "Human Rights" movement has now become a Gnostic religion at war with all other religions. The idea that they can ban publications that make discriminations on or about religion is so asinine since they are that very thing themselves. It is Gnosticism, in the sense of a fantasy ideology at war with given realities.

We will be blogging on this in the new year as we watch the Mark Steyn case.

Doug said...

Free Mark Steyn!