Thursday, December 20, 2007

What the failure to covenant looks like

We first mentioned Hind Fraihi and her recent book in: Those for whom Vlaams Belang is the last stop! Fraihi went undercover in Belgium's Moroccan neighborhoods to learn about the rise of fundamentalist Islam there.

Charles has just sent me an English-language youtube clip from a
Deutsche Welle TV broadcast from Brussels that discusses Fraihi and her book.

It's a video that reveals how the streets of many districts in Europe are no longer under the control of the European states, but are the domain of entrepreneurial Islamist dictators. Those who think the present global crisis caused by the rise of Islamic fundamentalism promises to be a short-lived phenomenon resulting from a rural society's early integration into urban modernity need to listen to Fraihi and think again.

What the video depicts so well is the violent balkanization that befalls a country without a common covenant, a common commitment to a single rule of law that applies equally to all people. Those who forget, or who never know, their responsibility to act as guarantor for the equal freedom and rights of every other citizen, whatever their ethnic, racial, or religious brackground, whether they are aboriginal or newcomer, whatever their sex or social status, may look forward to a Belgian future where, instead of a shared commitment to a common constitutional order, they will be ruled by the push and pull of competing bureaucracies, gangs, and religious authorities, and whatever back room deals these can work out, far away from the tv news cameras and democratic transparency.

For the people to own their politics, to be self-ruling, they must share a common sense of nationhood. This is what Covenant Zone exists to defend for Canada, in face of would-be supra-national forces, like the EU, the anti-national leftist elites of our academies and media, or the Ummah, that threaten to destroy the only basis on which democracy can be sustained.

If you want to discuss how we can better make ourselves into guarantors of each other's freedom in a shared and renewed Canadian covenant, please join us here on the blog, or, if you can, attend one of our regular Thursday night meetings in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, 7-9pm, in front of Blenz Coffee. Look for the guys with the blue scarves.

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Rob Misek said...

When our government and judges prohibit us from discriminating between unequal things, they are not only wrong, they undermine the fabric of truth and justice our society is based on.

What frustrates me are the immoral citizens who subjugate their personal values to the changing politics of law and then wonder how to improve society.