Wednesday, December 26, 2007

French Youths Attack Police On Christmas Eve

There was more than a mouse stirring late Christmas Eve in Belleville, France. French "youths" continue to escalate their violent nihilism, offering a regional police station a series of fiery Christmas presents, which seemed to represent only a fraction of their overall plan.

Loosely translated from Yahoo France:

Three molotov cocktails were thrown at the police force of Belleville (Rhone) over Monday night/Tuesday Morning, according to police.

Moreover, the tires of « 7 or 8 vehicles » belonging to police officers and parked within the enclosures of the police station, were sprayed with gas, but were not set ablaze, said Francis Battut, the prosecutor for Villefranche-sur-SaĆ“ne.

At 4 :25 Tuesday morning, three glass bottles filled with inflammable liquids were thrown at the area surrounding the local squad [headquarters].

A car parked in the lot next to the police station’s parking enclosure was completely destroyed by the flames and another private vehicle, belonging to a police officer, also suffered serious damage, say the police.

Investigators from the police station in Lyon then discovered traces of gas on the tires of other cars.

« Was the culprit or culprits interupted by a noise ? I have no idea, but if they had set fire to the cars’ tires, the consequences could have been much more serious », said M. Battut.

At first, when the French "youths" escalated their criminal behavior from theft and muggings to vandalism, the novelty of the change made news. Then it became routine, and would only be covered when a detail made an act of vandalism "newsworthy" for being different than all the other acts of vandalism. Then petty vandalism turned into car burnings, and those images made international headlines... until their novelty factor wore off. The burnings continued, but fewer news cameras bothered to cover "old news", such fiery vandalism reduced to the same routine as thefts and muggings.

Now the French "youths" advance to an ever more frightful next stage, which, true to form, is attracting media coverage for its novelty factor: the youths are attacking the police, treating them like a rival gang, whether by setting deadly traps or, as happened in the French overseas department of Reunion Island, waging war upon the actual police station itself.

Imagine the state that France shall find herself in, when even these stories become routine... and stop becoming news.

May the France of 2008 find its strength of character and renew its sense of spiritual purpose sufficiently to douse the flames of burning nihilism in its young, before the next escalation raises the bonfires to even more sorrowful ravages of post-christian decay.


Doug said...

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Doug said...

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zazie said...

Hello Charles Henry,
I suppose you made a mistake when typing : instead of French "youths", don't you mean "French" youths ?
I mean, a birth cirtificate or an identity card don't make you a patriot, or are we expected to "swallow" that they do ? If those youths are French, then what am I ?
I hope I have not shocked you ; I know what I have written is absolutely politically not correct, but I will never agree to the invaders behaving as if they were legitimate dwellers on our soil ; my parents did not accept it during WWII, I understood perfectly when the Algerians did not accept it in the mid 195O, so I can't see why I should accept it now.
Read you next year, or perhaps before ? Anyway, have a happy new year.