Monday, May 04, 2009

Hey, let's bash Christians!

Gay man exhumed by Senegalese Muslims

May 5th, 2009

The body of a man believed to be homosexual has twice been dug up from a Muslim cemetery in Senegal.

The man, in his 30s, was first buried on Saturday before residents of the western town of Thies dug up his body and left it near his grave, police say.

His family then reburied him, but he was once more exhumed by people who did not want him buried there. His body was dumped outside the family house.

Senegal outlaws homosexual acts but there is a tradition of effeminate men.

A police officer told the AFP news agency that the body was eventually buried away from the cemetery.

The state-owned Le Soleil newspaper reports that it was buried within the grounds of the family home.

“Goor-jiggen” (men-women) dress up as women, socialise with females and have long been tolerated in Senegal, a majority Muslim country. However, attitudes seem to be changing.

The AFP news agency reports that local imams, as well as some newspapers and radio stations, have denounced homosexuals after an appeals court last month overturned the conviction of nine people for homosexual acts.

They had been sentenced to eight years in jail after being found guilty of “indecent conduct and unnatural acts”.

The men, who were part of an HIV/Aids group, were arrested in December at a flat in a suburb of the capital, Dakar.

In February 2008, the editor of a magazine in Senegal received death threats after publishing pictures claiming to depict a wedding ceremony between two men.

What does this have to do with Christians? I don't know. Nothing really. But let's bash Christians because maybe there are some of them who would bash girly-men. No, it doesn't have anything to do with anything. I know this. The point is, we could do so anyway, just because. We can dress up in Palestinian scarves and tutus and chant "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and look really cool. Hey, can't get a date, what else is there to feel good about?


Roundhead said...

sorry, Covenant, am I missing something?

Does it mention Xians in the story?

Dag said...

You're right, Roundhead, there's no mention of Christians in this story. I was so amazed that the BBC didn't bring them in as a counter to the Muslim behaviour that I must have temporarily lost my mind from sheer shock. I felt a deep urge to restore the balance of the world as we've come to know it, where no matter what outrage takes place against people it must somehow, even if it doesn't, have something to do with Christians. I think this story is the only one I'd seen all last day that didn't indulge in moral equivalence between those who do evil and those one disagrees with. But we here got lucky and in an earlier post here someone wrote a hate screed against Geo. W. Bush to set the balance righter after-all. Nice to know some things do not change.

Dag said...

By the way, I just reread Neil Postman, Amusing ourselves to Death. You might like it. In the vein of Hoffer, if a bit more artsy.