Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Views

A short collection of news stories from the margins of Monday morning reading.

Aghast: BBC journalist criticizes Cairo traffic, where 'nearly every vehicle carries the scars of battle': "Egyptians, it seems, only use wing mirrors for the angle they afford on the carnage behind them."
Beat: New study suggests that dogs and cats can't dance, but some birds (and maybe elephants!) can.
"The truly boppin' animals shared with people some ability to mimic sounds they hear, the researchers say. (Even elephants can do that). The brain circuitry for that ability lets people learn to talk, and evidently also to dance or tap their toes to music... '[T]he new research "definitely gives us a bit of insight into why and how humans became able to dance...' "

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Dag said...

Alright, rather than get laughed at on the disco floor any longer, I'll go down to the zoo and take lessons from any large creature that can teach me a few steps more than I know. It that's the elephant, then I think I'll just take up knitting.