Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It is the Christians!

This is a chunk of commentary from MSNBC.

This kind of thing is the inevitable result of fundamentalism gone wild. It doesn't matter if the fundamentalism is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other group of hard liners. The mistreatment of homosexuals leads to the same treatment for any other group they despise. It doesn't matter, male or female, young or old, the world must be "purified".

Herb Gray, Laconia, NH (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:02 PM)

Just one more good argument against religion. More cruel acts have been perpetrated in the name of god than for any other reason. Most, if not all major religions (Buddhism is more a philosopy than a religion) are intolerant of anything different - different beliefs, different orientations, even different modes of dress. I cannot think of one that's not.

ASHARA (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:04 PM)

Congratulations, GW and Rove (and the likes). You have finally brought American-style democracy to Iraq, which was your goal after all. (Well, it was your goal after WMD, after no connection to 9/11, and after bringing a tyrant to justice, anyways, but YOU GOT THERE!)

MSheppard Wyoming (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:07 PM)

How sad that the U.S. is responsible for allowing the rise of these attacks by the Shia extremists. For shame!

Mark Brown, Portland, OR (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:08 PM)

Ah yes, another tolerant society forming in the middle east. And before we get too smug here, don't forget right here in the US we're doing all we can to block homosexuals from legally binding commitments. After all, we're nothing if not citizens of judgment!

Ashara (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:08 PM)

This is outrageous. What are the U.S. armed forces doing to prevent these murders? I thought the U.S. is supposed to be helping to spread democracy not hatred and intolerance! Scapegoating the most vulnerable is one of the cowards oldest and most often used tricks.
Call the Pentagon and your Congressman and tell them to stop this barbaric form of injustice!

ED, Philadelphia, Pa. (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:08 PM)

This is horrible! But, I believe, that this same tactic would be occuring here in the US if we didn't have the discrimination laws we have. I don't know how anyone can say being gay is a "lifestyle" choice, who would "choose" to be treated this way??

Erica, Denver, CO (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:16 PM)

So sad that people are judged, not by the content of their character, but simply by whom they love. Discrimination, segregation and denial of civil rights to minorities leads to excuses for hate, violence and even murder.

That is why it is so vitally important that we Americans, as enlightened people, end discrimination against gay and lesbian families, stop shutting them out of the rights and responsibilities of marriage and show the world by example what it is to respect the dignity of other human beings.

Jack Imhoff, Dallas, TX (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:17 PM)

Lets be realistic, if the crazy pro prop 8 people could get away with it. America would be in the same position. Hate is everywhere they just happen to show there true colors to the world instead of hiding it.

Erc, CA (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:18 PM)

Typical stupidity from that part of the world. Still in the dark ages. Still killing in the name of a false god. What omniscient, omnipotent, al loving god would support that? Clearly their god is one created by man and none there have the brains to realize it.

Michael Sarasota Florida (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:18 PM)

Iraqi Gays should automatically be given US residency just like straight Cubans.

Gayle Miami Beach (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:19 PM)

This type of behavior is next of kin to the holocaust. To round people up and kill them because of their sexual orientation is horrific. But of course, the US Government won't do anything about it because the issue is the kind that the American people are still not unified enough to rally behind. It makes me sick that this is going on in Iraq and other parts of the world.

Matt, Los Angeles (Sent Monday, May 04, 2009 2:23 PM)


It's pretty much all the same. The story the comments derive from? Well, one can be sure from reading the comments that really doesn't matter too much to the commentators. If you're interested in the evil Christians and Geo. W. Bush and right wing religious bigots wreaking havoc on the world, the story is at the link above. I just knew that it'd be all about the Christians.

Three things to remember:

Death to Israel.

Death to America.

Don't Bogart that joint, my friend.

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