Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Useful Idiot

I asked Beattie what he did in that apartment with Van Der Windt. He said they'd sit around dreaming up ways for Beattie to get into the Toronto Star the next day. They'd hatch an idea -- Beattie was going to blitz City Hall! -- and call up the Star, which would breathlessly report this scandalous, if vague, "news" the next day. As the Star's letter-writer Greenberg could detect, it was all about getting press. What Greenberg didn't know was that Beattie's PR man, Van Der Windt, was a CJC spy.

Beattie wasn't an organizer. He wasn't a recruiter. He wasn't a fundraiser. He wasn't an orator of any skill. He wasn't a researcher. He wasn't a publisher or writer. His "Nazi Party" wasn't a party, didn't have a membership list or bank account, didn't have a constitution, didn't have a newsletter and didn't have a plan. It was a game for an immature 23-year-old, and the game was how to get himself in the newspapers. The fact that that game just happened to suit the Canadian Jewish Congress is the reason why we have "hate speech" laws in Canada today.

Three great editorial comments on censorship in Canada - Ezra Levant

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