Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Trust Mark Steyn to write a bloody funny post about a deadly serious matter: the Canadian state's utterly banal destruction of Guy Earle's life in a fit of bending over to the narcissistic self-righteousness of those who have discovered power in claiming victimhood. Follow the link for the jokes, here's the more serious stuff:
...It's interesting to me how all those promoters who claim to be committed to producing "edgy", "transgressive", "provocative" comedy wilt like pansies in the face of one "human rights" complaint. But it's invariably the case that the self-congratulatory left, forever hailing itself for its courage in speaking truth to power, is never there when real courage is needed - even if, like Guy Earle, you're essentially one of their own. This shouldn't be difficult even for the myopic politically correct bores who run most comedy clubs. As I wrote here:
Sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils, and, if it’s a choice between offensive gags or massive expansion of state power, no self-respecting citizen should find it difficult working out which is the lesser evil and which is the greater threat.
And yet Mr Earle's professional colleagues do seem to be finding it difficult, if not impossible. Strange that.
The trial on March 29th will be a disgrace. You don't apologize, you don't donate, you put the system on trial.

That's really the only insight you need: It's about them, not you.

PS Kathy Shaidle says: "Just tell them to **** off." I would guess he doesn't want to have his bank accounts frozen or be rendered unemployable in British Columbia. Also, I don't believe, under BC law, you can appeal to a real court if you don't acknowledge the process in the most minimal way. That's why, as I did, you should show up in Heather MacNaughton's courtroom, guffaw occasionally, and in the scrum on the steps aside denounce her as a statist thug and buffoon. In other words, if you're going to tell them to f**k off, do it to their faces.

Under BC's shitty "human rights" code, Maclean's and I were, as a point of law, guilty. So we dared them to convict. And, like all bullies when someone stands up to them, the gutless pussies wimped out. I understand Guy Earle doesn't have as deep pockets, but he needs a support network that will make the political price too high for Commissar MacNaughton. The freespeechy bloggers fulfilled that function for me. The radical comedy crowd don't seem to be stepping up for Mr Earle. In the end, one Kathy Shaidle is worth a hundred guys who do lame-o Stephen Harper gags.
Once again the public needs to get involved in standing up to this evil, not just telling the BCHRT to f-off by picketing while the Earle "trial" is under way, but also the politicians who so far decline to shut them down. The "perfect" Utopian vision (e.g. "a world without discrimination"), since it can only be implemented through tyranny and thus cannot really ever exist, is necessarily always the enemy of the good. When are we going to learn this lesson, that Mama McNaughton cannot save us from ourselves? Might it one day be imaginable to say, No lesbian has greater friends than those who truly help wean her from mother state?


bulletproofcourier said...

I think the Pardy vs. Earle matter is totally absurd, will be attending the hearing and reporting on it to bring the news to more Canadians.

truepeers said...

Exactly so; hopefully i will be able to meet you there! And let's not make the mistake of thinking our behaviour can have nothing to do with the outcome. As Steyn intimates, if there is a big fuss made about this, it is more likely Earle will get off. If they can crush him quietly they are more likely to try.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to be there too, if I can. Maybe we can set up a bloggers' corner, and heckle from the back of the room.

skyhook8 said...

I have a small posting up at my blog http://thedailyrasp.blogspot.com/ and will try to follow the event through the trial. Great to see area bloggers taking an interest and being able to attend.