Friday, February 26, 2010

When universities allow the Muslim Students Association, a.k.a. The Muslim Brotherhood to dominate public speaking, should Jewish students leave?

This is the question asked in Pajamas Media » Should Jewish Students Stop Attending UC Irvine? My own view is that free speech, let alone university attendance, does not belong to those who work to destroy the environment for free speech and free thought. I think no student, Jewish or otherwise, should attend any university that does not punish and expel students who shout down speakers and act around campus like thugs. As long as there is a choice that should be everyone's policy. Exodus is not giving up, in my view. Let the thugs inherit "Egypt" so the world, or at least those who believe that history is given shape (and not just eroded by) the will to power, can learn what thugs can achieve.

However, not a dime should be donated to universities that permit the terminally self-righteous to rule. The more serious question is when are we going to start organizing people to demand our governments penalize state-funded universities in the pocketbook when they permit the kind of intellectual vandalism that has happened at the University of California Irvine and many other schools in Canada and the USA.

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