Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama, Occidental playboy

I'm sure this interview of Dr. John Drew who speaks about knowing Obama in their college days has already been seen by many. But I thought it worth linking because it is both insightful on the nature of the man who became President and it does little to resolve the question that grips many on the anti-Obama side of the political spectrum: Who is this guy? Is he just a particularly successful street hustler, or a committed socialist with a well-planned agenda to transform America? Those of us who have noted Obama's limited intellectual skills cannot discount the latter possibility because socialism is, above all else, the doctrine of those with an incompetent grasp of human realities. In other words, the question can't be resolved because the two popular positions are not entirely mutually exclusive (no matter how grand one's "theory", or one's hustle, one cannot transform America from on high; one can only destroy it as Tom Bertonneau notes a few posts below). In any case, Drew provides ammunition for those who hold my contention that Obama is only in the most superficial sense a Black man or African-American. While his early college days are by no means definitive of the man who would go on to New York and Chicago and Michelle, it's interesting that he then had few friends in the African-American community and culture but was much more the man of the radical feminists, Marxist internationalists, and wealthy foreign students/sugar daddies. In other words, Obama had more in common with many a secular Jew than your average African-American.

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