Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great Moments In British Journalism: "What's That On His Head?"

A sobering glimpse into the state of religious education in modern Great Britain, courtesy of two British reporters baffled by the sight of Catholic Vice-President Joe Biden giving a press conference on Ash Wednesday.

Notice the little dig they try to get in at Vancouver's expense, in the following transcribed excerpt:

[0:28] British reporterette: "What's happened to his head? I'm sure that's what everyone is asking at home."

British reporter: "Yes, I don't know. That's the simple answer."

British reporterette: "It looks like he's walked into a door, doesn't he! [laughs] Yeah, I'm sure that's one of the questions that the networks will be asking."

British reporter: "He's been up in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, and was the face of the administration there, so whether there was some accident on what little ice there's been up in Vancouver, we don't know. But no doubt as a result of this appearance, we will get an opportunity to ask his spokespeople, what the cause of that is."

British reporterette: [giggles]

I'd make a snide comment of my own, but the weather is so beautiful today, I'm instead going to take advantage of the "little ice there's been up in Vancouver", debate which sweater I should wear as I go for a walk under yet another cloudless sky, bask in the warm sunshine and buy a hotdog from the friendly couple on the corner.

[Hat Tip to this morning's episode of my favorite Minnesota radio show, the First Team of the Patriot's Northern Alliance Radio Network]

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truepeers said...

Well she does admit at the end that she's a bad Catholic and should have known about Ash Wednesday. Just be thankful in this age of gender-bending cafeteria cults they didn't get to wondering...

Heh, did you hear that the police had to arrest someone "infatuated" with Biden who snuck into an event, with no weapon, and got within a few rows of the man? Now that's weird...